If you are reading this article, chances are you understand the basics of SEO. If that is the case, you may enjoy this tactic to build local domain authority while helping your  community.


Local Authority

Content Keywords


There have been a lot of updates on Google recently that focus on local search results and businesses. Although there are a lot of great new tools and tactics, the following traditional tactic will exacerbate all of your other local SEO efforts.


Google has a profile about your website that is based on the keywords of your content. You can see this in Google Webmaster Tools. 


My business is currently focusing on Wichita apartment videos.


As you can see, the top three keywords are Wichita, apartments, and video. This is a good indication that our website is optimized well around the three most important short-tail keywords for the portion of our business that we are currently targeting.


If your website isn’t linked to Google Webmaster Tools, make sure to set it up, then go to “Optimization > Content Keywords” and you will find the same type of information for your business.


It is very possible that your local business does not have a strong keyword foundation for your location. If that is the case, you will need to produce valuable, interesting content that is related to your local market and geo-coded as such. What this means is that you need content with titles, URLs, descriptions, images, and alt-text that are related to your location.


The challenge is that most companies’ products and services are not interesting enough to write a substantial amount of location-based content about unless it is largely SPAM and fluff. SPAM, fluff, and redundant promotional content will not get shared or linked to like something that is entertaining or inspires emotions.



Market Good Causes Locally, Gain Authority Locally


When I was first planning a strategy for interns, I wanted to find a way to user my company’s video production and internet marketing capabilities to bring some good to the local community, but I couldn’t afford to divert time and resources away from the core business unless there was also a return.


I had been dealing with the challenge of developing subject matter that was worth reading and sharing within the local market. Unfortunately, most people aren’t going to share and link to Wichita apartment videos, regardless of how well they are produced. If a person isn’t in the market for an apartment, they just don’t care.


I then realized that there were plenty of people who would love to share and link to video and text content about local good causes, charities, and other community events, so we started blogging about them. We also shot a handful of videos and posted a few of them.


There are several positive results that were generated from our efforts. The first is that my website’s content keywords now have Wichita at the top of the list, which shows that Google also knows we are competing for local keywords and searches.


The content we produced has been shared and linked to by a larger local following, which helps our search engine ranking. This has also put my business in front of many local people who would have otherwise been unaware of its existence.


My brand is developing a positive image within the local market, which is never a bad thing.


We are doing something that produces a return, while helping good causes and promoting events in the local market.


Here is an example of a project an intern made about a local Wichita event. This was not a good cause, but the result was the same. We received several links and many more shares and likes because of it. “Wichita” is in all of the correct places for the search engines, and it was shared well amongst the local crowd. This and several similar posts are what brought Wichita to the top of our “Content Keywords” in Google’s eyes. Now we perform much better in Google searches for “Video Tours of Wichita Apartments” and similar geo-coded keywords.


If you need to increase your location-based keywords, I suggest that your company develop an internet marketing strategy to donate time and resources to promoting local good causes and events. Not only will your business receive a great return in several wonderful ways, your community will benefit as well!




Author is Mike Gamache, Co-founder and C.O.O. of Fleetfoot Marketing




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