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There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours designing a lovely website then finding it is not generating any business. If you are trying to run your own small business you need as much traffic as you can get visiting your site which is nowadays is far more valuable than reams of any other type of advertising. We are all searching online and if you are not found online on the first page your competition who does better will take the business away from you!


all in one website service  

So what can you do? There are any number of websites offering web design and many of them offer expert marketing services. You pay out a lot of money believing all your website problems will be solved, not only will you have a first-class site, you will build up your client base in a relatively short time. But this does not happen you have to go back to the designer every time you want to update your website or better yet you will have to figure out how to add the content yourself. Website building is an evolving and continuous process. If you don’t want to deal with it, you will need someone who will help to take care of each aspect of it. Someone that responds your emails fast and make the updates within a reasonable period of time.


The problem is caused by these website designers having insufficient or no knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so the main search engines cannot find your site or they are done in such way that it is not user friendly. Anyone who is knowledgeable about computers, the internet and have basic design knowledge can set themselves up as a website designer but that is not enough in the competitive world of internet business these days.   You have to design the website in such a way that the search engines will find it and the better it is the higher it will feature on their lists. This is important as there are several small businesses all chasing the same clients so you have to market your website well and make it stand out from the others so your competitors do not get all your prospective clients first.  


I have had seven years experience in internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization and I soon learnt that small businesses do not want the additional worry of setting up and maintaining a website. So I decided to do what I do best and offer my services to small businesses to help them generate new clients and build up a large database. I design a website that will not only be found by the main search engines, but will also feature on page one so visitors will quickly find it and be converted into leads. Prospective clients will not bother to scroll through pages of data on various companies found by the search engines, they will inevitably choose to click on to the companies they come across first as time is money in business.  


If you are starting up a small business or you already have one and you don’t want to deal with your website, you want to hand it off to a professional who will answer your calls, emails quickly CONTACT ME!


I will design your website and will work with you on it month to month to make it more successful for you. My goal is to generate leads and new business with your website. You can always email me new photographs, content and client testimonials that we can just add to your website. I will upload them on to your website and each month I will work on it adding new content, creating links, providing you reports and updating your social media profiles to build up the number of visitors to your site.  


I can relieve you of all your stress and worry concerning your website as I look after every aspect of your internet advertising, leaving you time to build up your business and keep your clients happy. We all should do what we are the best at!


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