WordPress is certainly an option for websites that many people choose because it is easier to learn than HTML and would allow them to maintain the site on their own.  The question is wheter WordPress good for SEO or not.

Search engines crawl your website (spider) following all of the links and reading the content on the pages. In this way they determine what content is relevant. Wordpress and other Content Management systems (like Drupal or Joomla) are stored in the database and served in real time from the database when a user clicks on a link and brings that page up.  Which makes is harder to crawl. The same is with PHP websites. However this doesnt mean that websites that are written in PHP or CMS’ like WordPress are not good for search engines.  There are a number of WordPress plug-ins available that help improve the SEO results.

It doesn’t matter that your website is XHTML, WordPress, PHP, you will have to work on the SEO continuously. Lots of WordPress websites are ranked high by Google but to get there it will take time. Regardless as to what your SEO efforts are it can take 6 months to a year to see results. Don’t believe anyone who promises you certain traffic in a short period of time. Your site needs to be optimized but is really the off site SEO that brings you the relevant traffic. You should like your design and the structure but you will have to consider it from the marketing standpoint. SEO really should be done by a specialist since it is an expensive enterprise and can take a while to get result.

The bottom line really is you get what you pay for and when making your decision you need to choose which is more important.  If you want maintainability and and want to be able to increase your website yourself, then WordPress is the perfect solution.  The blogs will add keyword rich content to your website. This is why Google loves WordPress.

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