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The question of whether or not you should hire an internet marketing consultant is one that not only rests on your lips, but also on many others. It’s easy for us to see other companies and even individuals become successful through the means on internet marketing and it’s only natural that we want that for ourselves, but how can we be so successful without any experience? The answer to that question is simple, hire someone who is experienced to teach you! Throughout this article we’ll be discussing the fees and benefits associated with hiring a consultant and by the end you should be able to figure out whether it is worth it for you to hire a consultant.


The Fees Associated with a Consultant

The fees associated with a consultant will vary greatly depending on your specific requirements, the consultant’s own experience level, the complexity of the project, the time needed to get the project done and an abundance of other factors. With that being said, it’s hard to give even a rough estimate as to how much a consultant might cost, however the pay falls within two categories:


Hourly Fee – Again, this greatly depends on many factors but typically you can expect to pay a minimum of $75, this is usually preferred for smaller projects.

Project-based Fee – This would be the preferred payment method for larger scope projects that require more time and effort, you should expect to pay an absolute minimum of $1000 per project.

At SEOperson.net we offer a recurring monthly internet marketing / website service which means we will take care of your website for a set monthly price $375 minimum (This will give you 5 hours of service each month). 


So now that the fees have been discussed, you may be thinking to yourself just how expensive consulting services really are! It’s true that they are expensive but it’s for a good reason, these consultants have clocked up years upon years of expertise and can take your business to the next level; that is definitely worth more than the price you will pay.


What about the Benefits?


As you can probably already tell, a consultant will be of benefit to your business simply because they are providing you with their years of experience. They can provide answers to your questions which otherwise would have to be remain unanswered and thus limit the growth and development of your venture. In addition to this, you have the option of looking around for different consultants and choosing the one that fits your needs best, what’s more than this is that you only have to pay for the time you need – which is much easier then hiring a long-term employee to do the job!

One of the benefits that is often overlooked is the fact that when you hire an internet marketing consultant you don’t actually hire just one person. Internet marketers are strong networkers and value it highly, this simply means that your consultant will most likely discuss your project with other consultants and brainstorm ideas in order for your company to achieve the best results.


Conclusion – so Is It worth It?


There are bad investments and there are good investments. Hiring an internet marketing expert is a good investment. Unless you are willing to learn the in and outs of marketing your business online, you need to hire one.


Just think of this; everyone is online; we search, research and make buying decisions each day. We are connected 24/7. Without a specialist, you will be lost among the millions of other websites and your competition with great internet marketing will get the business. The money you spend on hiring the consultant will most likely come back to you shortly after. At the end of they day, it really comes down to the question of, can you afford not to hire a consultant?


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