To get the right customers, you need to have the right internet marketing. A well-designed website will bring the right customers right to you. This is where SEO comes into play. The purpose of SEO is to get your company’s website to the top of search results, which makes you one of the first options customers see.

The closer your company name is to the top of the results list, the more chances you have that customers will click on your website.

The Benefits of Internet Marketing

If you implement the right ideas for online marketing, you can benefit your construction company in several ways.

  1. Having proven SEO strategies will produce higher page rankings in searches
  2. You will have a better website content which gives your potential clients the answers they are seeking
  3. Your company will have better online visibility meaning you are active online in more places, so there is a greater chance of being seen.
  4. Better potential for link growth, and the more links to your content that you have, the more you are viewed as an authority in the industry.
    The Strategies You Need

Improved copywriting: Copywriting is essential for opening new doors and bringing in new customers. When it comes to construction, people want to know that you can deliver exactly what they need. They also want to know they will be in good hands when it comes to customer service and listening to their needs. Your website needs to showcase your abilities and reflect the quality you can offer your clients and copywriting plays a big role in presenting that information. An experienced copywriter can turn your website into a marketing tool aimed directly at bringing in new customers. The selection of the right keywords will serve as the best and most efficient building blocks for your website.

Invest in Social Media

The power of social media can be used to your advantage. A number of niche businesses such as construction avoid social media but this is a mistake. By embracing social media you can benefit over your competitors. Social media can help to

  • Increase your online visibility
  • Establish your authority in the field
  • Reach out to new customers

Through social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, you can share links as resources to prospective clients. You can share galleries of your completed projects as well as information about pricing. Using social media allows potential clients to learn about you and also te opportunity for you to learn about them. They can also easily reach out to you with any questions and concerns. It can be time-consuming to keep social media platforms updated and maintained, but there are social media plans that can help you if your time is limited.

Link Building

Building links is essential to SEO and the success of your website and company. When high-quality sites link to yours, you become more popular according to search engines. This means your ranking increases. We will find the websites with the highest-quality and pursue them for you. Once linked to your site, you begin to climb the ranks. As your ranking climbs, the ranks of your competitors will ultimately fall which only works to further increase the chance that potential customers will check you our first.

mcbride-patio-texasAdd a Blog

Blogs are becoming powerful tools in internet marketing. SEO can help you improve your current blog or start a new one for you. Blogs allow for direct communication with your customer base and you can share new ideas, special offers, and tips to help them with their projects. Keeping your customers informed and involved helps your selling position, ranking, and overall success in retaining customers. Blogs that emphasize tips to your customers are always popular as well as special offers. You want to make sure these are balanced with sales-related posts too. You should also consider guest blogs to other websites in the industry such as a national network for construction. Guest blogging helps to build links and establish authority.

PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising helps you to reach customers while they are already searching online. You only pay once people have clicked on your advertising and this is a quick way to increase traffic to your site. PPC advertising allows you to target and attract more qualified traffic so you only get those truly interested in your services.

With SEOperson as your construction marketing and SEO company, you will get a dedicated account manager to boost your website profile and rank. Your team will also include an analyst, web designer and a professional copywriter. We will ensure that you get the following and more:

  • An efficiently coded website making it easier for search engines to find, categorize and rank your website
  • A website with unique and relevant content to attract and retain customers
  • Promotion for your site to other relevant and authoritative sites, creating links and more business for you.

We take care of everything for you, from keywords to bid management and PPC advertising to copy creation. We even send out monthly reports. Whatever the best online marketing strategies are for your company, SEOperson will deliver them. As an award-winning construction SEO company, we will increase your search ranking and overall visibility online. We get you more local, organic and paid listings every time by optimizing your site for search engines.

SEOperson is more than a marketing agency for construction companies; it is your marketing partner. I’ll treat your business like it is our business and we understand your services, processes, sales needs, competitors, and the industry. I use the resources available to us to boost your website and boost your business al while tracking and measuring the results of your investment. I have extensive experience in the industry and can get your construction company or contracting company more sales leads from the internet. Contact me today for a consultation or referrals to our satisfied construction clients.

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