Your small business is on its way: you’ve put lots of work into it, you might have returning customers and so far, only by word of mouth! Time for your next step …

  1. Create a strategy:

This seems obvious, but without a plan, you won’t know where you’re going, or when you’ve arrived. What have you planned for your business in the next few months? New products? Services? Contemplate a strategy that incorporates what you already plan to do.


  1. Make sure your ‘brand’ is identified:

What makes your business unique? How does it differ from Big Box? What do you do really well? THAT’S your brand. Look over inventory, PR materials, window clings, whatever you have and make sure all your business LOOKS like your business. Then, be sure that your ‘brand identifiers’ are evident in every new piece that you issue (including high quality!).

 Marketing Strategy for Small Business

  1. Review your website:

This is where your new business prospects will go first, to check you out. In addition to your already cool stuff, add a page that includes your future plans (your strategy!) – new products, services, up-coming sales. Old and new customers will learn to check back to see what’s new. You’ll be motivated to come through with what you’ve promised – you’ll be following your plan!

  1. Seek out media options beyond the website:

If you’ve got budget for this – great. There are lots of services that provide search engine optimization; prices vary, but local placement of your ‘key-est’ key word should be affordable. If there’s no budget, start small: Facebook. Start a facebook page, and every time you update your website, post a note on facebook. The folks at FB can help with getting that ‘like’ button where it will do you the most good.

You are proud of your business – enjoy your opportunity to show it off!

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