So what exactly is Instagram?

If you are the current owner of an iPhone, then there is a high chance that you already know what Intagram is to begin with. If you are not in touch with its applications then you are in for a treat since this article is written for people like you. A simple explanation of what Instagram is is that it is the highest trending iPhone application that allows users to share photos using and iPhone, Android, iPad, and iPad touch. Currently though this application is only accessible to people who use an iPhone.

More about Instagram
Just as mentioned before, this application allows the users to upload and post photos within Instagram as a platform or on other well known social networking websites for instance Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. Since it is the world’s most trending photo sharing application it’s safe to say that it was recently launched and the date it was launched to be specific was in October of the year 2010. During the time that this application has been in existence, it has rapidly risen to the most popular photo sharing application. Its users have grown into the millions and it has also been downloaded a remarkable 8 million times and the numbers keep going up. That just goes to show you how popular this application really is. Instagram earned its nickname super bowl commercial due to its popularity among many users all over the world.

To date, he application can be downloaded from a link available on the net. All this even there is no official website dedicated to the application itself Much as it does not have its own website, it’s still a functional application since third party tools can be used to make it work. Such tools include, Follow gram which is a photo feed and Statisgram which as the name suggests is a statistics web viewing platform.


Intagram Features
It is always good to know what an application is offering you and if you really need it to start with. As it stands today, there are many photo sharing applications so it’s natural to want to know what makes Instagram better than all the other applications out there. The reason why Instagram is the most popular mobile application is because it is very easy to use. It simply cannot be compared to what is out there. Most of which are very hard and complex to understand and operate. For users of Instagram, all what one needs to do is to capture the photo, edit and then share it. What could be simpler than that?

Truth be told, photography interest a lot of people all over the world. Sometimes the message is really just better portrayed via a photograph. After all, a picture does say more than a thousand words. Photography appeals to many people since just a glance at a picture is effective to pass on a message. With Instagram, you can use the built in effects and make you photos look even better. The effects allow a user to crop a picture into a frame or you can leave the photo as it is if you fell like the picture is good enough. You can also add a filter to the picture if you feel like it needs to be enhanced. Sometimes, leaving the picture in its original form makes the picture much more appealing.


How do you get more likes and followers on Instagram?

For a start, put something that would attract viewers’ attention. Take well composed photos and share the one’s that say something interesting. There is no limit to what you can capture. Pictures of activities, places, or newsworthy content are always hot favourites. It’s wise that you select the best of the best. If you are unsure of the picture, seek a second opinion before you post it. It’s important to mention here that a unique photo can work to your advantage. On Intagram, it’s not just about uploading content. The whole aim here is to share photos and get a large following and likes to your content. So, just how does one build their rank on Intagram and how does one get more likes and followers? Here are some steps you can take:


Comment and follow your friend’s photos. The natural reaction that follows after this is that they will follow you back as an act of goodwill.


Post your photos on other social networking sites and ask your followers and friends there to comment and like the photo as well as follow you on Instagram.


Always add a hash tag and a short description along with any photo you put up. Something like #Paris, #bungee jumping etc. When you do this you attract users who are looking for photos about a specific location or activity.




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