You may only think Instagram is good for loading and sharing pictures, staying in touch with friends and making new ones. While it was primarily designed for this, Instagram can also be used to boost your business and grow your SEO reach.

The Link Between SEO and Social Media

Instagram already has a built-in search engine working on hashtags as well as names of businesses, individuals, and locations. When someone types in a hashtag or your company, you want to control what results come up. While Google has said that they do not use social media for rankings, social engagement is a byproduct of quality content. This generates inbound links and repeats readers. Since this is all SEO signals care about, it ends up helping you.

Instagram is a Search Engine

Search engines are designed to drive traffic toward social media sites. When you type in your favorite celebrity, the top results will be their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. To make the most of social media you want your brand’s account to have a fully-fleshed out profile that includes relevant information for your social audience.

The Hashtag Bandwagon

To get more likes on your photos, try using Websta, which allows you to see what hashtags are getting the most views. You can see what hashtags are popular and trending so you can attach them to your photos and attract more attention. You can also share other user’s photos. Post and share the images of your brand that others have posted or make sure they use a certain hashtag when posting photos associated with your brand. It can be challenging to manage 5 or 6 different social media platforms, but since these are a great way to market your brand, you don’t want to miss out. You need to create a simple profile with relevant information, clear links, current logo, and effective hashtags. You want to check your profiles every 6 months to make sure it is up to date and refreshed with the trending hashtags and current information. Staying on top of your social media platforms can help boost business success and in the event, Google does start using social media for ranking purposes, you will be good to go.

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