Search engine optimization is the preferred method of brand marketing in the 21st Century, because it captures the main strengths of formerly-popular marketing methods such as commercials and billboard ads, while still getting your product out to the people who are looking for it.



Within this field of targeted service marketing, there is a sub-field called social media marketing. Costing you virtually nothing except time, social media marketing has the capacity to not only reach targeted audiences, but because of the unique property it has of enabling a product to”go viral” (think of viral as a domino effect; in which the information about your service spreads like wildfire), can corral a large portion of the population that would likely never have encountered it. This boon of somewhat un-targeted traffic can get massive numbers of people interested in a service that previously flew below their radar, and so accomplishes both the goals of modern-day SEO and the expensive billboard-marketing of years gone by.



Social Media Marketing



With literally hundreds-of-millions to billions of people worldwide logging regularly onto social media markets, ranging from the formidable Facebook, to lesser-known but well-represented sites, the landscape of marketing has truly gone global; there simply isn’t a single more important aspect of your marketing plan than SEO and social media. Many well-respected analyses suggest that a social media site such as Facebook is poised to take over from Google, itself, as the main search mechanism, as more and more advertising passes between friends in online engagements and recommendations.



If you have a product about which you are excited; then there’s a good chance you’re not alone, and it is business imperative for you to start engaging contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus or any of the plethora of sites out there devoted to socializing and building communities between like-minded professionals and friends. The best part is that all it takes is logging on and creating a profile – compare this to the small marketing team necessary to concoct a catchy billboard slogan.




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