Search Engine Optimization is a continuous work. You always need to add new, quality content to your website, build relationships and your brand so other websites will link to you. First and foremost you will need on-site optimization which means using the right titles, keywords so search engines will find you.  

These are the tips what to do on your website to make it work. By itself it won’t help you for top ranks.


The most important is to find the right keywords for your website.

If you have the keywords, here are some key points what you can do to make your website optimized:

1.)  Title Tag – you have to make sure that you use your keywords in the title.

2.) Meta Description – This is what search engines use to describe your page. Use keywords here as well but make sure that this is for the readers. Make it sound intriguing and good so people will click on your website.

3.) Stay away from heavy flash, java and java-script. Search engines cannot crawl these well.

4.) Your header tags are important h1, h2, h3. Use keywords here too but keep your readers in mind.

5.) Speed is very important. If your website doesn’t load fast you won’t get good rankings. There are methods you can speed your website up.

6.) Make your websites easy to read for users, use larger fonts. Make text easy to read, don’t use colorful backgrounds behind texts.

7.) Use keywords in the picture’s titles, use ALT tags for pictures

8.) Link to content across your website. Cross links are important, use links within pages.

9.) Submit a sitemap to Google and Yahoo/Bing

10.) Have a blog where you can add new content all the time.


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