You’ve heard about Keyword Targeting a lot and you know you have to do it but how?

When you do your website optimization, I can’t emphasize the importance of writing to the people. You have to make sense! I saw websites that clearly written to search engines; keywords next to each other in long sentences, only comma separating them from each other: locksmith los angeles, lock change los angeles, changing lock in los angeles etc…

All good SEO knows that this is a major no-no unless your goal is NOT to be found online (but then I would suggest to use canonical links). Many times these keywords are linking to other pages of the website and the creator duplicated pages which is also wrong.

You can target a page effectively around 2-3 keywords, use different versions of it throughout the page. Make them emphasize with italic or bald fonts.

Which keywords are good keywords?

If you have highly competitive keywords you will have to work more to get your website listed higher. You can use three-four word terms and optimize your pages to these. For example if you sell event tickets you can optimize the page of each show for long string keywords like “Madonna concert March 24 Chicago“.

Choose keywords with low competition and optimize your pages around those. Long-tail keywords convert better than short one-word keywords. If you will be able to rank many of these words on the first page you can increase your amount of visitors and possibly your sales.

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