I started to be interested in viral marketing and video editing about 3 years ago when I was working for a video production company. We created commercial videos for our various business clients and then my job was to publish these videos with the right keywords to many video networks.  It was fun! I learned a great deal about viral marketing and used wonderful tools that made the campaigns go easy.

Yes, many! There is not just YouTube out there!

Okay, so here is how I do it. I am assuming that you have the video already. You have more chance of succeeding if it is something very creative,  fun or educational.

Do a keyword search finding the main keywords for that given video which you will have to use in the title. Again I’m saying: your main keyword has to be in the title! This is important! Find the keyword that people look for. Don’t just use the name of your product if nobody knows it, nobody will search for it! For example instead of “Monk in the Trunk” use ORGANIC BEER in the title.

Then you will have to upload your videos. The main video sites are Google Video, AOL Video, Facebook, Vimeo, Bing Videos (former MSN), and of course YouTube. There are other video sites out there but since video streaming is very expensive, the small video sites are all just come-and-go. And… there is TUBEMOGUL. Your best friend when you want to display your videos to different networks.

You will have to first go to each of Tubemogul’s partner video sites and create a user account. Then upload your videos to Tubemogul and they will send it out to all of the networks. They also help you to track your videos. They have different tools that you will have to pay extra for, but it’s well worth it.

What you can also do is create a TV ad campaign. Google Adwords now allows you to place TV ads on their partner networks. This works as Pay Per View Advertising. This could be a little bit more costly but you can save some money if you set your videos to be displayed in the middle of the night.

You will have to place your videos in your blogs, websites, newsletters as well. Make yourself seen!

By the way have you ever heard of FLURL the video search engine?

Here are two videos I created, displayed on multiple video networks and also ran as TV ads:

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