Link Building Basics

Probably it is clear for you by now that getting good rankings on Google or other major search engines you will need good inbound links to your website. The more inbound links you have higher you will rank. The idea behind this is: if other websites link to your website then your site must be important.

It is not possible to get high rankings on Google, Yahoo or other major search engines without good links. Google will only list your website in their search results if they find at least one other website that links to your site.

Since this is clear many people was trying to manipulate the number of links that linked to their websites and submitted their websites to thousands of free directories. For this reason now search engines evaluate links. It is not enough to have many different inbound links, it has to be high quality inbound links.

It is better to have 10 quality inbound links than have 100 bad quality links.

So what is high quality link?

1.) A relevant website will give you high quality links. Especially if your link goes to a relevant page. You shouldn’t always use the homepage to link.

2.) Use keywords in the link if you can

3.) Websites that have higher rankings give you more value.  If a we bsite is well known and has good search engine position then it is probably an authority website, that is where you want to be

4.) The link must not have the “nofollow” attribute. This tells the search engine not to follow a link on that page. If you place a link on a site like this it won’t help your ratings.


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