In the construction industry, word-of-mouth and reputation used to go a long way, but today people make decisions based on more than this. Generating and keeping business relies on having a strong digital presence and without marketing strategies, your construction company could miss out and your competition will take the lead. Getting noticed in the online world will bring real customers through your doors, and this is where your marketing efforts come into play.

5 Marketing Tactics for your Construction Company

There are 5 top tactics to use to increase growth for your construction company. You do not need to use all of these to be successful. Rather, you should find the one that best suits your marketing goals.

1. Local SEO

Local SEO is critical because most construction companies work within a specific geographical area. When people are searching for a construction company, the most commonly used search phrase is “near me”. You need to make sure your name shows up in those results. To do this you can:

  • Name, address, and phone number must be consistent across platforms
  • Have a dedicated section clearly outlining office locations and the area you serve
  • Claim your Google My Business Listing

2. Website Optimization

Make sure your website is working or any marketing strategies you use will not work. Successful online marketing is dependent on the functionality of the website. Your website needs to be optimized for visitors so they will stay and turn into customers.

Some important tactics to employ for optimizing your website include:

  • Making sure it is easy for your leads to contact you, by placing your phone number above the fold and tied to all branded material on other sites’ social media pages. responsible for answering and following up with incoming calls to maximize the potential business.
  • Set up Google local service ads because they are specifically made for your industry. When someone searches for construction companies, your service ad will appear along with a link to your phone number.
  • Make your website helpful for customers, by creating a simple, easy-to-navigate layout so they do not feel overwhelmed. Set up clear tabs at the top for customers to find exactly what they are looking for right away. If they have to search too long for what they need, they will just leave.
  • Always prioritize reviews and testimonials on the page and let happy customers do some marketing for you. Because word-of-mouth still matters to many, people will check the reviews when looking for a construction company.

When it comes to reviews make sure you include customer case studies and testimonials:

  • Ensure your Google search campaigns have reviews configured
  • Check the status of your Yelp and Google Reviews regularly
  • Encourage your happy customers to leave reviews on your page and social media (you can even offer incentives)
  • When it comes to YELP, just tell them to search for your company and leave the review that way. If you send a direct link to your company, YELP might filter the review. They discourage soliciting reviews that’s why.

3. Content Marketing

Creative and relevant content helps you improve brand awareness and bring in more visitors. Information needs to be engaging and relevant, answering the needs of your target audience. Three ways to optimize content for SEO are through effective landing pages, relevant blog content, and calls to action. Spend time to update and optimize key pages for SEO to make sure your site shows up in search results.

  • Blogs are often associated with food and fashion but not commonly linked to construction. A construction blog is going to be your secret weapon to turning visitors into customers. People conduct research when looking for a construction company and if your site is a resource as well as a solution, you will get more attention. Blogs on relevant topics increase knowledge credibility and improve overall website quality and rank, so you get more organic traffic.
  • An important piece of content to include is an ‘employee feature’. Construction marketing is a challenge because there is so much competition and because there are horror stories associated with the industry. By adding a human element to your company, featuring your happy and smiling staff, customers can feel as if they are getting to know you. This is a solid first step in building trust.
  • Create compelling video content because one-third of internet activity is spent watching videos. Videos are especially helpful for visual industries like construction. What better way to showcase your work than with time-lapse videos of construction projects? Videos of the construction team and staff are also a way to make you look more personable and trustworthy.

4. Social Media Marketing

Content marketing brings in traffic and social media helps you share and increase the reach of the content. It is a common mistake to think that construction companies cannot benefit from social media. The industry is professional but the people in charge of construction projects are just that; people. And they likely have social media accounts.

  • Social media platforms help grow brand awareness, helping you reach more people to gain a better position in the construction industry. The best approach is to pick one social media platform that you know your company can do well on.
  • Typically Facebook or Instagram are good for a construction company. Get to know the platform and share posts from industry leaders that are relevant to your audience as well as your own content. Post regularly and once you see some success, you can start branching out to other social media platforms.

5. Email Marketing

Most of the tactics used so far are designed to bring in customers, but you also want to keep them. This is where email marketing comes into play. Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics allowing you to reach qualified leads and help pull them through the buyer’s journey. The list of emails you have are people that already showed interest in your company and emailing them directly lets you extend offers and tips that impact them directly.

Bringing Your Construction Marketing Tactics Together

These 5 tactics are your guide for a successful marketing plan to get customers through your construction company’s doors. Traditional approaches to marketing are no longer working, so when you take your campaigns to the digital level and transition to digital marketing, with the help of these tips, you are already building success for your construction company.

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