How Much Should You Pay For SEO Services?

Many people who are beginners in internet marketing are interested to know how much does SEO and internet marketing costs.  Aside from newbies, those who have been in online marketing for some time, but are not able to get their targets on SEO rating are thinking on how to get through it.  They think that a mere cost analysis that can be paid at one time may be the best solution to their problem.

SEOperson is now charging the minimum of $1500/Mo for continuous quality service. This includes website updates, blog posts, social media management and everything that your website needs to grow quality traffic. I have achieved great results over time with most of my clients that I can prove. My clients have been with me for many years now and the reason for that is that I was able to provide them with amazing results.

So let’s see what pricing methods do SEO companies have used over the years

  • Some companies charge on a “pay per click” basis, computing the site visitor totals upon starting to work on a site and charge a certain amount per visitor as the traffic on their sites increases.
  • Others base their SEO costs on the high rankings achieved.  They may charge a higher amount for each keyword that gets top 10 rankings on the 1st page of a search engine, the lower amount for getting 11-20 on the 2nd page, and diminished price for rank from 21-30 of the 3rd page.
  • Charges are based also on the effectiveness of your keywords.
  • Packages are also offered covering a variety of SEO services.
However, none of the above can be recommended because aside from being complicated, they can also be deceptive. Most of them can show a padded profit to regain the overhead SEO costs that they have covered.  I have no overhead. I solely work remotely.
There are also SEO companies charging an hourly rate, they charge an upfront fee without assurance of positive results. You have to understand, however, that the BEST SEO CONSULTANTS won’t promise a certain result. It’s similar to lawyers; they will use the experience they have, they will do the best they can to increase your chances, however, they cannot promise to win the case. Same with internet marketing and SEO. There is so many contributing factors for ranking high up on Google, depending on your competition and stuff outside of control that anyone who promises you a top position with a competitive general keyword is lying. You can only guarantee ranking high if you use paid ads with the right budget.

What you should know about SEO service

  • SEO isn’t that easy or simple as you think.  You can find a cheap SEO company out there, but you can’t achieve your goal of raking more profits.
  • A good SEO method should be able to obtain a huge ROI.  Don’t focus on getting more traffic and high rankings, page views, and clicks.  It’s more than that; it’s about transforming those visitors in your site into paying customers.
  • SEO is a kind of process that is applied and managed constantly. It needs continuous research and planning to achieve growth.

So, what’s the best thing to do?

First and foremost find someone you trust. Someone who has lots of experience. Choose someone who doesn’t keep your website  Analytics or Adwords accounts are hidden from you. You need to have full control over every aspect of your website; hosting, analytics, backend, social media accounts, etc. You want to be able to follow what has been done. If it is too good to be true it probably is not the right choice.

Discuss your needs with your SEO person and describe what your realistic goals are. Most likely your SEO person will be able to tell you what you need and what the costs are. Since everything depends on important factors like your targets and goals, your audience and the nature of your business, you shouldn’t concentrate only on the SEO cost.  Focus more on the KPIs or “key performance indicators” of your business like your cost per acquisition, conversion rate, profit per sale, etc. Sometimes it takes only one lead to easily pay off your SEO person’s price in a month.

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