With the rise of blogs as a way to exchange editorials, news and information, guest blogging has become increasingly popular. So what is it exactly? Guest blogging involves featuring an author’s content on another blog or website, typically with the guest blogger’s name in the byline.

Both parties mutually benefit from a guest blogging arrangement. The hosting blog receives fresh, targeted content for its readers, while the guest author gains exposure to new readers and traffic. As importantly, because guest blogs typically link back to the author’s own website—and search engines leverage links as a way to boost a website’s ranking in search results—both the hosting site and the author’s own website can improve their rankings. It’s a win-win for both sides.

Many guest blogging sites are free, with the trade off being competition between an abundance of writers, which can lower the likelihood of hearing back from hosting sites. Sites that require nominal fees do so with the promise of targeted matches to host sites that offer greater traffic for authors. Here are some of the more popular guest blogging sites:


Blogguests.com promotes itself as the best way to build inbound links, and is more targeted toward Internet marketers than freelance writers. Website / blog owners can add their blog into their system while guest authors pay a small fee to publish their content. So what’s the return on investment for guest bloggers? A guarantee that your posts will be featured on a hosting website with a home page rank of at least 1 (PR1), ensuring high quality backlinks to your own site. 

 best guest blogging site


BloggerLinkUp members receive e-mails three times a week that list host bloggers looking for expert sources, guest posts and product reviews. Interested writers then respond directly to the requestors with their proposed content. The website notes its intent is to provide leads and introductions, leaving the guest blogging matchmaking up to the writers and host bloggers via exchange of and sifting through e-mails.


My Blog Guest links guest bloggers and blog owners together with no costs for either party. Guest authors retain ownership of their content and agree not to publish the same content on any other blogs, to keep the writing provided to the hosting site unique and original. This site places an emphasis on guest blogging as a way to build your reputation and relationships in a particular subject area.




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