When you wish to become an influence in your field, gaining traffic and followers to your blog, you will no doubt come to realize that guest posting is an essential part of the long-term strategy you must adopt. In fact it is important to write guest posting into your marketing plan to ensure that you use it to its fullest extent to benefit you, your business and your brand.


Blogging is no longer seen as a hobby as blogs can be found on the vast majority of sites as it allows easy posting on a daily basis. This fresh supply of content is widely regarded as an essential part of a savvy individual or company’s marketing strategy as it establishes authority and the search engines are looking for regular, unique and high quality additions to site content.


To ensure that your blog is found online it requires you to become known to others in your niche. How do you become known particularly when just starting out? Guest blogging can be a key and crucial factor.



What is guest blogging?


It’s posting your unique and high quality content on the blog of another person or company in your niche. Of course guest posting on just any blog will not have the desired effect of increasing your exposure, traffic and influence. You need to identify leading blogs in your niche with a good following and which are seen as influential and must reads when looking for information connected to your niche.


There are many leading blogs whose owners are extremely busy and who are open to high quality guest posts as this helps them have regular high quality additions to their site content which helps them catch the attention of the search engines. In fact, many bloggers will have guest posting guidelines that you can read before you apply.


Reasons to guest post


Let’s look at the reasons why guest posting can help you and your brand.


Traffic: the lifeblood of any blog. You need traffic (visitors) as these are the people you are writing for, potential customers and clients or the clicks that will earn you money through CPC, CPA and affiliate sales. Your income depends on your blog getting traffic in increasing quantities. Guest blogging can help as once your guest post has been read then if you have created a compelling and interesting post they will click on your link in your resource box or by-line. This link should take them to your blog where you need to capture their details in an opt-in form to build your list and also encourage them to explore your blog or site further to read more interesting and compelling content.


Back-links: interesting content gets shared. Although back-links aren’t as high a priority in terms of search engine rankings they are still important. Natural back-links are favored by Google and will generate more interest in your blog and your brand. Make sure that your posts and blog have social sharing buttons so that people can easily share your content on the major social networks. Social signals are very important to Google.


Publicity: guest posting is an amazing opportunity for free advertising. Unlike actual adverts which can be a huge turn off for many people or that are simply ignored due to ad blindness your post will be a natural part of the blog and is exactly what the blog is expected to offer its audience. Many will receive your post in their inbox, RSS readers or social media feeds and not just by visiting the blog. Remember compelling and interesting content is shared… widely and by many methods. By guest posting you should be creating a positive image of you, your blog and your brand. You are positioning yourself as an expert or authority in your field and so are building your influence.


Network: in business of any kind networking is essential. Guest blogging helps you network with other bloggers, experts and prospective clients and customers for free. Remember to remain positive, calm and helpful and to respond to all comments politely and constructively; even those left by trolls.


Building your brand and influence: guest blogging is an excellent method of building your brand and getting both your company and its ideas in front of a larger audience. The more guest posting you undertake the wider your audience and influence becomes. Brand awareness increases with each guest post too.



How to find guest posting opportunities


As stated before you have to find blogs in your niche. That is they are targeting a similar audience to the one you need for your blog. Remember, for guest posting to be successful for you and to draw new readers to your blog it is important to match your target audience as closely as possible as otherwise your hard work could be in vain.


When looking for guest posting opportunities the search engines are your friend. Here are some terms that you can use to find opportunities.


Use “guest” plus one of the following terms in the search box:

  • Bloggers
  • Post
  • Blog for us
  • Post guidelines
  • Post by
  • Contributor
  • Post for us


Expanded terms:

  • Looking for guest bloggers
  • Looking for guest posts
  • Looking for guest contributors
  • Looking for guest writers
  • This guest post has been written
  • This guest post is by
  • This guest post is from
  • This guest post was written
  • This is a guest post
  • Accepting guest posts
  • Accepting guest blogs
  • Guest blogger(s) wanted
  • Guest blogger(s) required
  • Write for us
  • Blog for us
  • Guidelines for guest blogs
  • Guidelines for guest bloggers


Note down the blogs that you are interested in from the search results obtained so that you can contact the owner.

You can expand your search, and indeed should, to include additional search terms related to your particular niche as this will help you identify blogs that have a target audience more relevant to your needs.

When searching using this strategy you could use the following ideas:

  • Looking for guest bloggers + keyword phrase
  • Guest bloggers required + keyword phrase
  • Guest blog for us + keyword phrase
  • Accepting guest blogs + keyword phrase


In addition to searching via a search engine you can also use guest post networks such as:

  • blogguests.com
  • grouphigh.com
  • blogdash.com
  • postjoint.com
  • bloggerlinkup.com
  • myblogguest.com
  • guestblogit.com
  • blogsynergy.com
  • guestbloggenius.com




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