Is Guest Blogging Dead?

First and most important rule: accept guest posts only from people who you trust or you are willing to vouch for. 

Quality guest blogging is not done! If you are doing it for branding, in high quality and are not paying for links, then it is still a good way to get your brand name out there.

Blogs are a great way of providing strong, successful and quick links. It is beneficial to both parties involved in the sense that users get to access free links and the host doesn’t have to write the content themselves or pay someone else to do it for them.

Although guest blogging has great benefits, it is important to be done properly so as to avoid spending a lot of time on writing blogs that will be discarded or penalized by search engines. It is necessary to be equipped with necessary tips so as to remain effective and avoid unnecessary.

First it is necessary to look at the site of publishing so as to ensure that the content in your blog is relevant and angled towards a specific audience. Always confirm that your blog has not been done before and in the case that it has, try to modify and approach it differently.

Remember also that when guest blogging the main objective is to do it for the readers benefit and not gain more links although this is obviously a motivating factor. This saves you a lot of penalties from Google since the information will flow freely. Stuffing of key words should also be avoided as much as possible.

Treating guest blogging as an article for your website makes you remain relevant and competitive. The checks on grammar, punctuation and word choice is just as necessary and should not be ignored. Just because the article is going on someone else’s website does not mean that it should be substandard.

Another crucial tip for bloggers is the ability to remain factual and informative. Well written articles stand a better chance of being accepted as guest blogs. Your credibility is sure to be reduced when someone gets to prove that the information published is actually wrong, not to mention the embarrassment that goes with it.

Something that is not always considered as important and yet cannot be overlooked is the fact that one must be interested and passionate about guest blogging. This will ensure that you remain focused and result oriented since it is something that you actually enjoy and give your best shot. Ensure that you remain yourself in the whole process. Admiring successful bloggers is good but don’t let it get out of hand to the point that you lose your personal touch which is crucial in attracting and maintaining interest.

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