Google Plus vs. Facebook


Every website owner must keep up to speed with the latest online marketing trends. One big change that’s occurring at the marketplace is that Google Plus marketing is catching up in a big way because many businesses and individuals love the simple, strong and non-interfering features of Google Plus, and hence prefer it over Facebook. Here are the reasons why Google Plus can be better than Facebook:


Google Plus vs Facebook


1.         I would consider the most important reason is that Google Plus links, shares are showing up high in the search results. This might be not moral but it’s the fact so you better start sharing. Facebook is not allowing search engines to crawl its content. On Google Plus use keywords in your profile description and add real people and comment, share their content. Be active and your profile will have a good chance succeeding in search results.

2.         People keep popping up and sending you messages on Facebook whenever you’re having a private conversation. Chat boxes can be really annoying when you are having a business conversation. Google Plus’s Hangouts allows you to choose people you’d like to hang out with and only these chosen few are allowed to chat with you.  Moreover, Google Plus’s Huddle allows you to engage in group chat.

3.         Google Plus marketing is also catching on because Google plus features a variety of entertaining games that work for all age groups. Facebook’s games are mostly for the kids and these games keep dragging people into the game even when they are busy. Google Plus’s games are light, entertaining, and give you instant gratification.

4.         As things stand (January 2012), Google Plus does not display any advertisements, but this can change going forward. Facebook is full of annoying advertisements that beg you to “Like” them.

5.         Going through Facebook’s privacy policy and understanding how to tweak it is like working on an industrial heavy machinery manual. You cannot understand what it is, and you don’t know what to do. Google Plus’s Privacy Policy is simple to understand and implement.

6.         Google Plus allows you to protect your privacy by creating different circles. Businessmen can create one circle for family and another circle for friends. What is posted on one circle is not visible to other circles and so you can comment on circles without fear of privacy violation. Facebook has no such feature and it is used for mostly friends and family.

These are some of the reasons why Google Plus scores over Facebook. Many people, especially business folks, have already started exiting Facebook and streaming into Google Plus. This is why Google Plus marketing is catching up in a big way.


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