So I am a Google Engage member! Yeah, it’s a great thing! I receive educational materials and lots of Adwords coupons which I can offer to my new clients. I am also Adwords  certified. I can help Google to sell more advertising through Adwords for free! I am sorry, it’s not for free. I get gifts from Google just like this bottle:

Google bottle


Beautiful isn’t it? I actually love it! Since I am a Google Engage member, I get packages from Google! Last time I got a baseball hat! Go Google! So now, when I go outside biking, I can put my Google hat on, take my Google bottle and advertise them wherever I go.

I run PPC campaigns spending about 20k or more a month.  Which is one reason I’m getting these packages.


With the bottle I got a great offer… Saying Congrats! Just like in the mails I get each day congratulating me for winning the British Lottery.


If you can’t read it here it is:

Dear Viktoria,

You’ve qualified to participate in the Google Engage All-Stars competition. Grow your business and you could win* some great prizes at the same time.

The rules are simple.

  • Use the enclosed coupons to find up to 20 new clients between March 12th and June 4th.
  • Use your My Client Center account to track how much your new clients spend on AdWords.


Here’s how you could win.

  • Bring in $1,000 in AdWords revenue** and be eligible to win a Google Chromebook.
  • Bring in $20,000 in AdWords revenue** and be eligible to win a trip to Google headquarters in California for an exclusive training event.

The note was signed by Landon Yuan who I found out is a Product Marketing Manager at Google.


Are you serious Google? If you don’t understand let me clarify for you what’s wrong with this promotion:


  1. In my Google Engage I have about a hundred $105 coupons that I can give to potential customers. Nowadays EVERYONE including my neighbor’s dog can find $100 Adwords coupons if they want to sign up to Adwords. Sending me 20 postcards with $100 coupons is not special. 

  2. You want us to compete to be “all stars” by sending out postcards that doesn’t have our contact info, only AdWord’s help line. So basically I pay for a postage + take the effort to send it out to a potential business so they can call YOU for HELP. How is that going to help me to get the customer? Would you explain?

  3. If I am motivated enough and do all this and generate $1000 revenue, I am not promised to get one Google Chromebook but “ELIGIBLE TO WIN“one. If I am that awesome and I gain customers that are spending $20,000 for Adwords, I will be ELIGIBLE to enter a contest to travel to SF for a training event which is possibly about “helping me” to gain more customers for Google.

Google Engage Letter


On the coupons I have no contact info just my company’s address. There is no website address, no phone number nothing. Where the stamp suppose to be it says “apply first-class stamp here”, even for that I have to pay.

I wonder why this is the best offer Google Engage can come up with. There are so many great ways to motivate people to work for you, and Google many times have great ideas but this one is bad

I like Google, Google is cool and I would actually be more motivated if your offers would be real and not a joke! You should offer me prizes if I deliver customers that are spending $1000 or 20k a month with no condition. Not just eligibility to enter a contest!

You should offer me free training if you want me to work for you or be motivated!  I am even willing to drive up to SF from LA…

Thank you for the water bottle though! It’s a nice one!

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