Now that we have both Google and Yahoo analytics on our hands, it is time we decided which analysis tool to use for our business. Using Google analytics or Yahoo analytics would not make any difference to those new to the world of web analytics. For all of you trying to convert a mundane marketing campaign into a successful one, it is important to understand the technology behind these web analysis tools.

What is Web Analytics? It is a tool used to measure the behavior of visitors to your site. With this information, site’s performance can be measured. This information also helps businesses improve their marketing campaign’s performance. This can also help in developing better marketing campaigns in the future.

What is the technology behind web analytics? Web analytics tags pages through an invisible JavaScript image. With this JavaScript, it sends across information about the page and the visitor.  A cookie gets assigned to each visitor that identifies them every time they visit the site.


Once information about the user is collected, it is sent to the main server that collects data for processing.


What is Google Analytics?

  • It shows information about the number of people who searched for your site, what they were searching for and where they ended up at last.
  • Compares your site’s performance with others in the industry.
  • Helps you keep track of traffic on a certain time period.
  • Helps you keep a note on financial transactions
  • Helps you analyze traffic to your site and the conversion rate.
  • Gives you the ability to send personalized emails
  • Helps you find the perfect market for your business based on your visitors’ geographical position.
  • When you buy Google AdWords, you get to incorporate keywords into your site to increase inbound traffic.



What is Yahoo Web Analytics?

  • It helps you view and track your site’s performance.
  • Helps you set goals and performance metrics.
  • Helps you in customizing your reports by adding more categories, tabs and fields.
  • Helps you manage your marketing campaign by keeping track of information such as return on investment.
  • Analyze the response of various visitors groups to your site’s pages.
  • Analyze each visitor at every step of their visit and find out the paths that most visitors take.
  •   Compare the performance of your marketing campaign from one time period to another.



Which is best? Compare Google Analytics and Yahoo Web Analytics:

  • The processing of information collected about each visitor happens in a matter of minutes in Yahoo Analytics while Google’s processing happens every hour.
  • In terms of profiling, customizing and filtering Yahoo Analytics is surely a step higher than Google.
  • When it comes to simplifying a complicated business concept so that it reaches the masses, Google Analytics is far better than Yahoo.


Choosing the right tool for your business needs requires in depth understanding of both your marketing campaign and web analysis tools. Using Google Analytics may work well to improve your site as it gives a more comprehensive analysis of your marketing campaign’s performance.



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