Google is already testing a new tool which is somewhat similar to Facebook’s like button but it will be on a larger scale. This is the +1 button that webmasters will be able to add to their current web pages. Signed in users may see what sites, pages their connections recommend. The connections will come from Gmail, Google Talk, Gmail Contacts and people they are following through Buzz or Reader.

+1 buttons will be publicly showing by default, however you will be able to set to hide them.

For site owners this can mean increased site visibility and may increase traffic.

How does it work?

When a signed in Google user is searching your connections will show +1 which will help people to find relevant content, search results, web pages or ads from people they already know and trust.

Will +1 affect my site’s performance?

It can. Recommendation coming from a friend who more likely has similar taste to ours has more relevance to Google than from people not connected to you. They are promising to keep tweaking the +1 algorithm to improve our overall search quality and show even more relevant results..

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