GEO targeting involves figuring out the location of a website visitor and altering the content marketing strategy accordingly. Targeting people with different content by taking into account their geographical differences can produce better results compared with targeting everyone with the exact same content. The beauty of GEO targeting is that whether you have a local or international company, GEO targeting can help.

GEO Targeting Techniques

Lots of the most important GEO targeting techniques involve using the right keywords. You are going to need to find a way to generate hyper-local keywords. There are several different ways of getting this done. Google Autosuggest can be a real asset to you if you’re doing GEO targeting. This will help you when it comes to selecting the perfect keywords for a particular topic and area. Trying this technique by using a mobile device and a desktop device will give you more varied results, and it will help you target people who primarily use their mobile devices as well.

Moz Keyword Explorer is a great tool for generating targeted keywords, giving you the search terms associated with different links. Doing lexical keyword research can really help you generate long-tail keywords, which tend to involve phrases. Coming up with just the right keyword phrases makes all the difference.

Creating unique city pages for each city in the area you serve is a great way to GEO target. Talk about your products or services specifically targeting each city. Make sure these pages offer value to the reader and add a call-to-action to the end.

In some cases, people are better off trying to focus on regions that are close to their target areas. Their own localities might be positioned very close to areas that are much more populated and that are going to deliver more in terms of keyword volume for each search. Keyword information that comes from similar, more populated, but neighboring regions can still help you target a local area. You’re just going to be doing it more efficiently. This local area will be similar enough culturally that it should still work.

The Benefits of GEO Targeting

If you have a local business, GEO targeting is going to enable you to really connect with your customers. You can make your content very location-specific for all of them. As a person who has a local business, you should be able to represent the needs and wants of local people successfully anyway. Through GEO targeting, it should be that much easier for you to be able to reach them at the best of times anyway.

GEO targeting is often much easier if you are working as a local business. You have to worry about the statistics for a very particular area. In fact, you will probably know something about the area already. You will have an idea of whether you should be primarily focusing on families, higher or lower income people, political liberals or political conservatives, or people who tend to fall into a very different set of demographics. Local business owners have always had an advantage when it comes to knowing their customers, and if you do GEO targeting, it’s no exception.

If you have an international business, you have to work even harder at making sure that you are able to tailor your message to the very different preferences of your large audience. If high-income audience members and low-income audience members receive different content that is more tailored to their needs, you will be that much more likely to get business from both of them. Obviously, being able to reach so many different people at once is going to be challenging. However, it tends to work out better than ignoring some of the differences between the needs and wants of customers.

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