A few years ago to drive traffic and for SEO purposes I used Forums to drop links as one of the methods to drive traffic to client’s websites. What I noticed that if you were just there to post and spam they kicked you out in no time. If you spent the time and effort to actively participate in the conversations it was fine to drop links later on. Many forums only allows link posting after a certain amount of posts to avoid spammers.

However nowadays  most forums have a “no follow” code which means even if you post your URL in your signature or the post itself, its not goign to help as a link building technique. “no follow” means the search engine won’t recognize the link and rate it the same as other not-no-follow inks. It still counts a little bit but much.
You should find a relevant forum, participate and become a true contributing member to the community. Add your website to your signature and hopefully someone who will read it and be interested in your webiste.

Also why not create your own forum? This is a great way to add a keyword rich content to your website.

What’s the best with forums to find a relevant topic, start participating, be active, place your url in your signature and wait. People read those forums and will find your link. It’s still a good marketing technique but you don’t do it for SEO.
What can be good for SEO to create your own forum which will add a keyword rich content to your website!

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