Of course, we love to see more followers on Twitter. But sometimes, it takes a lot to create a buzz and attract the followers. We keep talking about the benefits of having a large number of Twitter followers; but, how to get that? The online marketing stuffs need more careful and organized efforts these days. Getting more and more followers without getting into a trouble is desirable. So the question is : Do you want more followers on Twitter? Follow these tactics to manage your Twitter relationships. How can we forget that this is an ultimate mean to increase sales? Prospective Twitter followers can help in effective branding as well. 



 1. Right Time to Tweet – Find Out When Your Followers are Online

 Try to tweet when your followers are online. Those are the best hours to grab their attention. You can be more interactive and can communicate well when you tweet your message. 



 2. Don’t Sound Too Self Centered

Don’t just talk about yourself. Rather tweet about an informative aspect. Several studies have confirmed that informative tweets do far better than the tweets that just bluntly promote a product or service. So, it means that you should smartly tweet to attract the followers and retain their interest. 



3. Make it More Conversational

How it sounds? When you get a query, and you follow that with an answer, don’t let that end there. Keep the conversation open and on going. Identify the prospective customers and continue the conversation. If you can keep them involved for long, their friends will be interested in you and more likely follow you.



4. Perfect Writing

Not a new thing, of course. However, this aspect is essential as grammatical errors are actually very distracting. Write the tweet in a simple seventh grade English standard. 



5. Compelling Profile Page

Keep the profile page tidy and professional. We definitely would not like to showcase an unprofessional image. Don’t make it long. Keep it short, crisp and concise. Here you can also add the URLs of any other websites you want to promote. 



6. It’s Not Bad to Ask Questions

Can you do that? It’s a nice move that can get followers engaged and make it easy for you. It has been seen that tweets written in a question pattern always encourage followers or people to respond. In your question, you can focus on some recent social, medical problems, favorite TV soaps etc. 



7. Domain Specialty

It’s better to gain specialization in one field. Share your expertise and skill related to that domain. Help your audience have a better understanding and be a guide. Know what are the most common concerns related to the domain and try to make some effective contribution. Offer problem specific information.



8. Smart Linking 

People following you won’t mind getting more exposure on an interesting subject. If you can link your tweet to some interesting, authentic and informative sites or articles, people would love to follow you and develop faith. There is always scope of research. Find out cool posts, recent findings about a medical subject, scientific discovery and link them to your tweets. 



9. Don’t Overdo

Please don’t flood your followers with too many posts. Create some good tweets and spread them throughout the day. Another tactic to attract Twitter followers is posting pictures. Pictures are more appealing than the boring words. You can post images to keep it interesting at times. It’s not a bad idea to download some mobile apps. You can use Tweetie in your iPhone to upload most recent pictures from anywhere.



10. Promote Your Account

You might like to promote your Twitter account in your other blogs or Facebook page. Another way is adding your Twitter information as a part of your email signature. Is not that a smart move? This way you can advertise your Twitter account indirectly. 


Although there are many ways to track your followers and get more followers in a very short time, keep the process steady, natural yet growing. Never ever think about buying the Twitter followers. Who needs temporary success? Try to understand what your followers want to know about. Every tip we mentioned above is very effective and can help you retain the old followers as well as connect to the new people. Grow slowly and steadily. We won’t mind asking again – do you want more followers on Twitter? – Follow these tactics to manage your Twitter relationships.



Author Bio:

Bernard Naylor is an Online Manager for CJ Pony Mustang Parts – one of the Top Mustang parts and accessories retailers in the world.He also likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.


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