Do you own a blog? Getting blog post topics to write for your readers is an easy task, but finding interesting topics is another task altogether. However, don’t worry anymore. That’s because, in this guide, we will analyze ways of how to get interesting topics for your blog post.

Industry Forums

• Industry forums are great sites to find blog post topics. That’s because at any given time; there is a conversation going on. That enables you to get an idea of what your target audience are discussing.

For example, if you blog is about swimming pools, you should look for forums that have conversations going on about swimming pools, problems, issues, questions.

That enables you to see industry responses and also give back your feedbacks. They assist you to find trending topics that you can use on your blog.

Social Media

• You should also use social media to find blog post topics, for example, Facebook, Twitter, and Email. That’s by asking your followers if they have any queries about a particular subject. If you have followers, they will most likely respond about any pressing issue that they have.

• For example, if it’s about fitness related issues, you could write about the best vegetables that one can eat to enhance their lifestyles. On your post, you can add a link that links them to your blog.

Industry Influencers

• You should check on what your industry influencers are writing about on their blog posts. That’s because these influencers have a wide following that is regularly checking their profiles, For example, on Twitter and Facebook.

• You should check what their current topics are as well as their past ones. By finding products or services that these influencers are talking about, you get ideas on what to write on your blog posts.


• You should use Google suggest to find interesting topics to write on your blog. That’s by typing any keywords or phrases that are related to your blog type. Google enables you to find the best topics to write about on your blog.

• Another Google tool to use is the Google keyword tool. This feature allows you know what exactly consumers are looking for about a particular product or service.

• You do this by simply typing the topic that Google suggests to find how many people have searched for in a month. That allows you to know which issues are popular to write about in your blog.

How to Write the Blog Post Topic

• You should write SEO topic with a target keyword that’s related to your industry. It should ideally be 500-700 words. You should target the keyword at the beginning of your blog title.

Your company’s name should be included. The keyword should appear once in the header, use a call-to-action at the end of your blog posts, make customers easy to contact you.

• In the article’s body, you should target to use the keyword at least four times. You should finally link the new blog to a service or product page. The link should be descriptive of your product, for example, green vegetables.

• Once your post is live, you should then promote it through internal and external linking. That’s by linking it to your other previous post, Social Media, and Email.


You should find blog post topics that align with your blog post type of industry. Finding your blog post topics is not easy, but there are ways to find new ideas constantly.

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