In general, guest blogging can be a great way to promote both your own blog and the efforts of anyone who deigns to write a relevant piece for you.  Part of what makes guest blogging so attractive is the potential SEO value; the popularity and page ranking of a given site is largely determined by how many other sites link back to a given page, and vice-versa.

If a blog guest of yours has a particularly popular site on a subject that is relevant to your own blogging aims, their traffic can prove to offer a big boost to your page.  Be sure that your add a hyperlink or two within the body or byline of any posts that your chosen guest writes for you, as this serves the dual purpose of boosting your blog’s SEO value while ensuring that the efforts of your blog guest are properly recognized by your own readership.

Plenty of online forums for internet marketers exist out there that are designed to match guest bloggers up to one another as well as possible, and many bloggers will often post open calls for guests to generate some new material for their site.

One such site,, can prove to be a great way to both find new writers for your site and to reach new audiences worldwide with your own efforts. Choose your guests and hosts alike wisely while ensuring that you consistently create high-quality content, and you should see your SEO rankings rise quite highly as a result! This is how I found my blog guest.




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