Facebook launched in 2004 and today it has over 600 million users around the World. Today not only people are on Facebook but companies are using it to generate more traffic and buzz. The question today is not if Facebook has any SEO effect on your rankings but more like how much effect it has. Does Twitter has the same effect?

It seems like that Shares worth more than Likes. When you like something on Facebook it appears on your wall in the “Most Recent” section but when you share it appears in the “Top News” section where most users scan and click. Now the question is how to gain more shares… it’s not easy.

Also since Twitter is not as wildly used as Facebook it has less significance. It’s still good to be on Twitter and use tweets to talk about your company but you probably are better off if you concentrate on Facebook more. Why not do both?

How to make Facebook work for you?

  • Use the right URL (username) and page name for your Facebook page and don’t change it.
  • Use the About Us to describe your company with keyword rich description, use the INFO tab to add even more important keywords and links.
  • Use your Facebook page to link to from your website and other posts.
  • Get many people who “like you”, these people will be all linked to you
  • Keep your Facebook page active


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