The popularity of Airbnb has taken off, with more and more people looking to bring in extra income off unused rooms or homes. When you have a great property that is vacant, why not rent it out and earn some money? You don’t even have to have a home, you can rent a guesthouse or a room. Wherever your home is, people are looking at Airbnb more as a way to get home-like comforts that hotels cannot cover.

Listing your home is only the first step. You cannot expect the Airbnb algorithm to take care of all the marketing for you too. To get the best responses, you need to think beyond the Airbnb platform. Below are some tips you can employ to get the most from your Airbnb listing.

Create a website:

Make your own website in addition to the listing. There are plenty of website building sites out there that make it easy for anyone to create their own site. The benefit of having your own site is that you can generate interest outside of the Airbnb listing. Your property becomes more than part of the Airbnb brand and can be found outside of just the Airbnb generated search.

Start a blog:

After you have your website, you need to create content to help people find you and to generate interest. You have inside details about the area you live in, so create blogs for visitors offering tips for getting around the local area. Blogs about recommended entertainment and restaurants are also valuable. Your enthusiasm will be friendly and helpful, so you can generate relationships with people and well-written blogs can help you place better on search rankings.


Make sure your blogs contain reviews. People trust the opinions of others over the person making the listing. When you include reviews, they get to see the experience as it was and will be more drawn to a place with high-ratings and positive reviews. With the permission of your guests, you can also include photos with the reviews to generate more authenticity. Just be prepared for inquiries once people start reading the blogs and reviews and be sure to respond in a timely manner.


Share pictures and links to places in the area as well as of the home. When you provide a virtual guide to the area, it allows your visitors to get an in-depth look at where they will be going. The more information they have, the more comfortable they will feel to choose your location. Take pictures of places you visit and meals you eat and tag or link to the places involved. Showing an image of a great meal you had and linking it to the restaurant’s website helps your ranking and boosts your ties to the community.

Use social media:

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are on every phone and tablet these days. It is how the world connects, and your Airbnb listing should be on those platforms too. When you have a social media page for your listing, you can invite guests to like and follow. Not only can this keep them coming back to you, it allows their contacts to see your listing and reviews too. People are more likely to stay somewhere their friends have approved of, and social media is the best way to take advantage of this.

Customize your listing:

When you list outside of Airbnb, such as social media, you can make the property look the way you want. You cannot control the display that Airbnb creates for your listing, but your own website or social media page can show the listing your way. Choose the best photos to share and use as many as you want. With a more personalized touch, you can show potential visitors what the home and the local area are really like and provide them a more accurate idea of what to expect.

Build a mailing list:

You can still have an effect without a website. Create a mailing list if you do not have the ability to create a website and you will still get results. When your previous guests opt to be part of your mailing lists, you can stay in their minds all year round. This also helps when they share their stay with others, as word-of-mouth is a powerful tool. There is no need to offer special deals to get attention, simply provide insider info on the area to tempt them to come back.

Having your property on Airbnb is a great way to earn extra cash, especially if the property is not frequently in use. Travellers are turning to Airbnb for accommodation more and more so you don’t want to miss out. Invest in a few of these tips to boost your Airbnb listing so you can stand out from the other Airbnb homes.

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