If you have an e-commerce website you are probably better off if your website is different than other’s. To make it unique will take you more time, especially if you have hundreds of items but it will pay off at the end.

Here are a few ideas that can help you to make your ecommerce site more exciting:


Extend your title. Don’t just use the name of your product make it sound more creative, descriptive. It helps if you use keywords in your title. For example if you have the item “ABC 3432”, use “Black Chair ABC 3432”. Don’t just use fantasy names either for example “Amadeus Chair” use “Amadeus Black Leather Recliner Chair”


Everyone is using the pictures that the manufacturer send them. You can be unique using your own images. Take pictures of your products from every angles, different views. Let people to have the option to enlarge them.


If you get description from your manufacturer don’t just post it to your site but create your own product descriptions.


Add “RATE PRODUCT” option. People like to share their experiences and people now are looking for reviews before buying. You can make your pages more valuable if you have an option to have your customers rate the items they purchased from you.


Add social sharing tools let your visitors to share your items. You can add Facebook “Like” or “Tweet” buttons. Take a look at the Facebook Social Plugins that can help to enhance your individual product pages.

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