When looking to improve your internet marketing presence, there are two different approaches you may take – you can hire someone to handle your search engine optimization or you can attempt to manage the marketing yourself.


This is an ambitious and daunting task for anyone managing a business, but especially for someone who is new to the world of SEO and online marketing.


In order to help you know what to avoid, below are some of the most commonly made mistakes in online marketing.


1.       Investing Too Much Time on Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions show up in search results and attract the searcher’s attention, thus generating more traffic for your site.


Meta descriptions have traditionally been an important part of SEO, but they are not something on which you should spend all of your time. Meta descriptions have not been a factor of Google’s ranking algorithm for several years, and thus do not affect the search ranking of your site.


Remember also: the purpose of a meta description is to serve as an abstract for your site. Keyword stuffing will not help attract search attention and will only serve to lower your search result rankings.


2.       Skipping Outgoing Links

Linking to other sites will not hurt you or drive attention away from your site. While linking to a direct competitor is something to avoid, having a wide range of sites to which you have linked will actually help you and will raise your search engine ranking.


When links are appropriate, don’t be afraid to include a few!


3.       Reciprocating Links

Reciprocal linking used to be a commonly-employed SEO technique by which several sites would provide mutual, but not necessarily relevant links to one another’s sites in order to boost the traffic to both.


Recent updates to Google’s algorithm have made the search better at identifying this kind of ploy, and reciprocal linking is now something which can hurt your search result ranking.


Linking to other sites is good, but only when it makes sense to do so.


4.       Sacrificing Quality for Keywords

One of the most common (and ultimately costly) mistakes people make is to try and replace quality with keyword-stuffed copy.


Search engines will not respond to keyword-stuffed junk copy, and neither will your readers. People will be attracted by quality writing, and those people will spread your site for you. There is little point to producing inferior marketing when inferior marketing helps no one.


By avoiding these common SEO mistakes, you can more effectively spread the popularity of your site with those who really matter – your customers.





Guest author Ron Oborney works for Subtle Network Design & Marketing, a Clearwater SEO and web design company.  He knows that internet marketing is an ever-changing process – and staying on top of things is difficult.  That’s why he enjoys sharing his professional expertise with others.


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