Why should your company advertise with directories?

The business world is fiercely competitive. A business directory elevates small, local companies as well as large, international companies. Listing your business in a quality business directory is simple and convenient. In order for business directory listings to be visible- it has to stand out. Online business directories help you to do this.

We would like to emphasize to list your site only in quality directories:

  • Directories that are relevant to your product or service
  • Directories that have high page rankings and have been around for a while
  • Local directories in your relevant category



The first step

Let’s begin off with a simple question: What exactly is a business directory? Well for starters, a business directory can come in two forms: a website or printed form. Such directories are primarily listings of information which lists all businesses within some category.

How do you list a business?

It’s a very simple process to list your business with a directory. You simply select one or more business directories and sign up to advertise with them. You will then be directed to the appropriate steps you need to take. You will then get a listing that allows your business to receive visibility. You can customize and personalize your ad space with graphics and added features.


Advertising with the World Wide Web

You might have noticed over time the shift that some directories have taken, from the printed format to going online due to the popularity of the World Wide Web. Unlike print directories, online business directories may include some additional information. For instance, you can see a section reserved for user comments, reviews and feedback when browsing through some webpage’s.

Get your name out there!

Businesses can be compiled through automated online search software or manually. However, every business provides varied information on a directory. They can include the following information: The name of a business, the address, contact number, location, type of service, product(s) the business deal with, number of employees, its service region, any forms of social media interaction such as a Facebook page, a Twitter page, a Google + page, a You Tube channel and a video profile.

It’s affordable

Advertising on web directories and other online advertisers brings about a less costly way to bring about your message and attract a wider range of audiences from different locations as compared to traditional advertisers.



Think of all the exposure!

With an online presence, this means more customers. People probably won’t buy or use your services if they haven’t heard of your company. It’s that simple. Your listing on business directory will contain several business information that people are interested in.

Got information to amend? No problem!

Once traditional business directories have printed any changes, corrections and additions cannot be made until the new edition is released. By going online, you can make these important changes anytime you need to.

You presence only expands through the web

The beauty of the Internet is that the world can converge in one place. A wider global coverage means your company can be seen by more people and hence, maximize online returns. The web directories give you high quality services that are reviewed often to enable consistency. Through consistency comes a loyal clientele and quality traffic for your advert.

Build your links!

One of the benefits of advertising through the online web directories is that it builds numerous but relevant links to your advert. What can these links do to you? Well in turn, these links rise your advert on search engines which will attract more users and customers.

A more visible presence on the web

Depending on the business directory or directories you enlisted your company to, you may be able to obtain optimization services. What this means is that your listing will be enhanced to contain specific keywords that draw specific search engine rankings. And with better search engine rankings, more customers are likely to be drawn to your website. This also benefits your company by generating ad revenue for you.


With good ranking comes good visibility

Good search engine ranking ensures your company will have increased visibility and traffic. A rank is determined by the number of inbound links to a site. Online business directories let business owners acquire these links. The more online business directories your business is submitted to, the more inbound links it has which consequently, increases page rankings.


Author Bio: Guest post by Amit Pritam who writes for TheGreenBook.com, a local directory in Singapore.

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