Do rankings matter? Majority of people view rankings as the final deliverable, when in all perspective this is not the case; rankings do matter, but only to some extent. This is not to say that rankings should be ignored but you should avoid taking off the real goal; your yield, by focusing too much on it. Optimum growth in your profit will not be realized through the decisions you make about your SEO efforts.

So, what as are some of the perceptions most people have when it comes to SEO? And how true or false are these assumptions?

Ranking For My Best Keywords?

Gone are the days when SEO concentrated on “golden keywords” that resulted to a lot of traffic. Rather, you should focus on keywords that are long-tailed as most of your opponents are still using more general, shorter terms. Any pro understands that Google loves high quality content, not just any content. It has a soft spot for high quality content that gives readers real value thus ending up being shared on social media.

More Links, The Better It Becomes?

This is absolutely incorrect. Concentrate more on quality rather than quantity when it comes to inbound links. Prefer natural link building to manually building links by creating content of high quality that people will associate with and not ask for links.

My Organic Rankings Will Be Boosted By Buying PPC Ads?

You may be forgiven by thinking that your organic rankings will be heightened by paying Google for the ads alongside the natural, organic rankings. Know this, they are completely autonomous. SEO seems inexpensive and effective. Speaking from what I know and seen in my many years in this industry, no one attains excellent outcome by not spending over $2,000 per month on SEO either nationally or internationally with an outside firm. Some spend a significantly a lot of time working in-house on it.

In the next three months, SEO is going to save my business?

Discontent is part of life.SEO is a long term strategy and is not the best shot if you want to achieve your results in a short time. More often than not, great results on SEO take at least a period of six months to one year to be realized. To date, some guys are still preoccupied by Google toolbar Page Rank scores. To many SEO, the score do not matter anymore even if they got involved with a site with a PR score of 7.The score gives a relative and not a specific value. Your mindset changes when you start taking away those qualifying requirements.

I have to be a perfectionist?

It’s prudent to design a user-friendly and receptive website that allows users to find everything they want and contact you easily. Quality time and money will be lost when you concentrate on the finer details instead of having a working website that turn into profits.

Are you now stranded?

$1,000 per month to spend on SEO might be an uphill task for you yet you are determined to chase something larger than your local market. Do not waste your time and money hiring a SEO firm. Read the Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO and this should help you work on SEO yourself. This helps you pump your money in other areas needed by your business.

When it comes to SEO, we should endeavor to obtain higher conversations and generate revenues that originate from web. We should purpose to build customer trustworthiness, enhance product character and expand our markets to different people and opening.

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