So you are trying to start a new company, or you already have one and you want to go online, or maybe this is just for a client. Whatever be the case, you will need a very active domain name. After going through everything that you have for your business it is time to sell it to the world with your own website and you will need a good domain name for that to work.

Domain names are highly impacting when it comes to selling products online, from social media to online type in traffic and the rest. Simply put, the issue of giving your domain a very reasonable and marketable name cannot be ignored. As a matter of fact, you should take this very seriously.

Here are a couple of things you might need to understand before you get on with the selection of the name.


Ensure that it can be branded

This simply means that whatever name you decide to take up, you should ensure that it sounds like a brand. When you go out and hear people talk about it, or when you even hear yourself talk about it, it should sound like a refined brand. This simply means that the use of hyphen and numbers have to be ruled out, because they will ruin this effort to make the name sound like a brand.

To brand something is also to make it unique which means that, the name you pick should not sound like a general name for something. The name should help your product stand out as a brand would.

Pronunciation Matters

People are generally familiar and fluent with things that they can easily talk about, things that are easy to remember and things that are not complicated. You might ask why pronunciation is necessary, but you need to know that people have the tendency to lean towards what they can easily pronounce and before you know it, it is the site that is easy to remember that gets mentioned.

Here’s what you can do about this situation, use words that can be easy to pronounce and relate with. It will help your process fluency and also help your site if you’re in a country with a different common language.

Short and Concise

In as much as length matters in an issue like this, I would also recommend that you make your domain name as short as it can be. Not too short, but also not very lengthy because, the fewer the characters, the easier to remember. A short domain name is easy to type, to say, to share with someone and easy to recall. Even if the name you’ve been seeing long names and it looks okay, always remember that shorter is better.

Use “.com”

I know that this might sound a little too old and you are already wondering why not use something more fitting of our present times. It’s just that .com is the most popularly used and secondly, it will be highly recognized. On the same route, we go back to your name being easy to use and remember. Using .com will make your site available and accessible to anyone who needs your services.

Do not use a name that sounds like another company’s name.

Using names that sound or look like another company’s name will automatically mean you have infringed on their property. That would mean fishing on very dangerous water because you could get into big legal trouble for this. So ensure and confirm that it is no one’s domain name already and be sure you will not have to be visiting the courtroom soon.

Use intuitive keyword

The use of keywords is no news to anyone who uses the internet. On the final run, this is one of the most important things to consider in selecting a domain name. Keywords carry the major information and will increase the accessibility of your site. When you type your brand name onto the internet, if your keyword pops up on the first page then you have succeeded in optimizing your website. Also, the keywords should be intuitive. When someone sees the name, they should at least have an idea what you have to offer. It shouldn’t be glaring, but it should show a little of what you are talking about.


It is impossible to pick a wrong domain name after such tips have been set down for you. Selecting a domain name involves a lot of brainstorming but at the end, it is finally worth it. It is a very important step as regards going online with your business. It will make your website one of the most sought after when it comes to your business.

If you follow the steps that have been explained you’ll make no mistakes in picking the best domain name for that website.

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