The cloud concept is a continuously evolving business model.  There are so many cloud computing companies nowadays that one can get confused as of which company to choose for their services.  The company that is chosen by you should also be able to satisfy your work requirements. The cloud service provider should be ultimately able to comprehend your business framework.   Following are the factors that you should consider while choosing a cloud service provider.


The reputation


Do understand that reputation goes a long way while selecting a cloud service provider.  Do check on for how long the company has been providing cloud computing services.  Also do a research about the types of clients the company has worked with and the partnerships that they have established with the client.


The security


While selecting a cloud service, see to it that the security of the computing environment and the business processes are intact.  The infrastructure of the service provider should be secure at all levels of cloud services that they offer.   


Check the suitability


It is also important that you check the suitability of the cloud service provider before arriving upon a final decision. Do look for service providers who offer no obligation free trials.  In this way you can check the suitability of the cloud environment and also get an idea about the levels of security offered.


The compatibility


It is very much important to check upon the compatibility of the cloud service provider with your legal requirements. See whether they adhere to all of your legislative and business compliance requirements, so that no legal complications arise.


Know the users


Do have an idea about the number of people that will be using the cloud service. If your cloud computing services are meant for a small group of people, then you can go for a small capacity cloud provider than a large cloud service.


The capacity


You may have cloud service providers offer you different rates for their services. But before choosing a service provider check the capacity of the storage service. Sometimes you may the get a good capacity cloud for the low price that is being offered.



Good customer service


While choosing a cloud service provider see to it that they will work quickly to solve a problem in case a situation of downtime arises. You should also make sure that the problem will be addressed in the specified manner and specified time as in the contracts.  These specifications will be mentioned in the Service Level Agreements (SLA), which you should read thoroughly before choosing the service provider. So, it is advisable that you choose a cloud service provider who gives you specialized support to handle difficult situations. The service provider should provide you with access to qualified technicians in order to offer you with the standard level of customer support.


The flexibility


A business will have different types of works which require different types of approach.  The cloud service provider that you choose should provide you with flexible working options to cater to your needs.  The provider should offer you with a menu which contains options related to security, resiliency, and performance.




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