20 02, 2015

Leave The Care Of Your Website To Me!


One Stop Website ServiceThere is nothing more frustrating than spending hours designing a lovely website then finding it is not generating any business. If you are trying to run your own small business you need as much traffic as you can get visiting your site which is nowadays is far more valuable [...]

22 05, 2012

Do The Internet Savvy Use Google Chrome?


I've been using Google Chrome for a long time. I've read and heard before, that most internet professionals use Google Chrome.  Others most likely use IE and Safari. Now I even found proof!   The first website you see is an SEO website. The second website is a general, "blue collar business" website. People who are [...]

5 04, 2012

Setting Up Goals In Google Analytics


Google Analytics Goals   Google Analytics doesn’t just allow you to track the number of hits to your site, or web pages, or even the keywords that are causing the traffic inflow. The ability to set-up Goals in Google Analytics allows you to track user behavior, as well as the overall success [...]

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