SEO, or search engine optimization, is an advertising strategy used by web page owners to attract traffic to their page, and the process of SEO is extremely difficult to describe. SEO cannot be described as a list of tags, keywords, and links; it has grown into a much more complex process than that, and it keeps growing and changing as the World Wide Web expands. To anyone who hasn’t heard of SEO, understanding the concept of it is like learning a foreign language. When peered at with the naked eye, SEO is a collection of keywords, tags, and links, but when under a microscope, it’s a large group of codes and strategies. Unlike a foreign language, though, SEO is difficult to boil down into smaller categories. One has to learn SEO by starting with one hard concept and navigating to the next hard concept.



Most people believe that perfecting SEO is an easy process, and that all it takes to make a SEO enhanced website is to write decent content that’s relevant to the site while using tags and keywords, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The fact is, even if you have an excellent website with perfectly placed terms that rank you high on a search engine, maybe page 10 out of 200, that still could barely help your traffic flow. Not many people navigate to page 10 on a search engine, so the traffic to your site will not change.



SEO includes the process of creating excellent articles or videos that everyone cares about. The like and share buttons placed on most websites are meant to assist an excellent article or video in becoming more popular. The more people who care about the article or video, the more shares you will receive. If nobody feels the need to share the content on your website, then the rank of your site will have slim chance of increasing. SEO is a very social process, and if your site isn’t involved in the social part, then the site will be very insignificant on the World Wide Wide, even if it does rank high on a search engine due to keywords. Most people have the idea that linking is important, but they don’t understand how it’s important and why it’s important. Your strategy of linking can either increase your website traffic or decrease it; it all depends on the strategy you use.



SEO is competitive, and the topic of your website could be against millions to billions of other web pages, depending on how popular the topic on your website is. If you slack on keeping up with your SEO, other websites will, undoubtedly, catch up and surpass you.



So, why is SEO complex? SEO involves countless different factors, different strategies, and different formulas. SEO is a type of psychology, a type of branding, the perfecting of a user’s experience, a knowledge of design; it’s analytics, it’s a product, it’s socializing, it’s advertising; SEO is basically manipulating the World Wide Web and molding it into three words: Search engine optimization. Trying to describe SEO in a few simple words to make it more understandable to the ones who have never heard of it is near to impossible. Most people can only describe the tip of the iceberg to a beginner, then the beginner must plunge below to discover what exists underneath the water.



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