Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most effective ways to improve your business’ local search engine optimization. With GMB you can boost your online presence and visibility to your advantage. Your GMB profile should be one of the first steps for every business owner as a means to increase your company’s online presence.

GMB gives your company free exposure on the Google search engine. Potential customers can see your name quickly as well as all contact details and they can see photos as well as read online reviews. All the information they need is right there such as descriptions, appointment setting, and places to conduct transactions. GMB present the information that grabs a potential customer’s attention without them having to visit your website.

The benefits of Google My Business for your company include:

Boost Local Rankings: GMB also helps to improve your local search rankings. According to studies, Google My Business signals are the most important ranking factor for local packs which is an essential step in optimizing your profile. To keep your profile optimized you need to log on to the dashboard regularly so that no unwanted updates have been made. This helps to ensure the integrity of your business profile’s accuracy.

Stand Out Profile: GMB allows you to add photos, videos, business hours, frequently asked questions, and company descriptions to enhance your profile. You can also add communications forums with customers and allow messaging or appointment scheduling. Direct interaction with customers is one of the best ways to grab attention and generate business.

Use Posts to Promote: There are a variety of posts you can use to promote your business. They allow you to include CTA (call to action) which allows for better control over what the visitor does after viewing your post. Beneficial CTAS used are:

• Book
• Order Online
• Sign Up
• Get Offer
• Learn More
• Call Now

When you combine posts with images you can more creatively reach your customers, both drawing in and keeping their attention. Once Posts are created, they can be shared on social media outlets to help you get even more exposure. Make sure your posts have the most important words at the beginning and do not use hashtags. Posts are a great way to advertise your business at the exact time that potential customers are looking at it.

SEO research has found that GMB Posts have extensive value. When analyzed across competitive industries and markets, research found that GMB profiles do matter and those successful business owners do in fact create and use them. More than half the businesses studies in the major cities around the country (Los Angeles, New York, Chicago. San Francisco, Washington DC, Houston, and Boston) were using GMB posts regularly. Specifically,

• Almost 18% of the businesses had an active post running in the last 7 days
• Just over 40% of them had previously made at least one post
• About 40% had never created a GMB post.

Do Searchers use GMB Posts?

With all the time and effort required to create and run GMB posts, business owners want to know if searchers really do use them. Even more important than looking at them, do the potential customers engage in the Posts? What the research found is that if you take the time to create a meaningful post you have a greater chance of converting a potential customer to an actual customer. For success among users, it is essential to make the message meaningful as well as attention-grabbing.
You can monitor the success of your GMB Posts when you log in to your dashboard. Checking your GMB Insights section lets you see how your Posts are faring and whether they are generating business for you.

One thing that has recently had a negative impact on GMB Posts is that Google moved them from the top of the GMB profiles to the bottom so they do not stand out as much as they used to. This is causing a lack of interest in putting the time in to create Posts. When you consider that research has found GMB Posts to be successful then it is still worth taking the time to create them.

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