If you’re looking for a way to increase traffic to your website, adding a blog is a great option. In just a few weeks, you can give your traffic levels a major boost. Not only will the traffic you bring in via your blog be already primed to engage with your business, but if you stick with this strategy, you’ll continue to see even better results over longer periods of time.


Keep in mind that if your website already has a blog but you’ve never really used it, you can follow the strategy we’re about to discuss and get the same favorable results. So, whether your blog is brand new or you’re re-launching it, here’s how to get it on the right track:


Create Some Cornerstone Content


Before you start promoting your blog, you want to make sure that visitors are going to have more than one post to read when they arrive. You also want to ensure that they’re impressed by the quality of what they read.


The best way to accomplish both goals is by creating a series of cornerstone posts. While the exact topics will depend on your specific business, the primary goal is to cover the main subjects related to your business in detail. The series can be anywhere from 5 to 10 posts.


Don’t Forget About Email


Blogging is a great way to attract new visitors. But what’s it’s not quite as good at is ensuring that people come back to your site on a regular basis. That’s why marketing companies tell their clients to use blogging in direct conjunction with email marketing.


The way this strategy works is to add an email signup form to the sidebar of your blog. You may also want to consider adding a signup option to the end of your posts. Generally, it’s best to offer visitors a free report or similar incentive for signing up.


Then when visitors come to your blog, if they like the post they read, there’s a good chance they will sign up for your list. And once they’re on your list, you’ll be able to use it to build a strong relationship with them.


Utilize Guest Posting


After you finish your cornerstone content and set up your email signup form, it’s time to start promoting your blog. The most effective way to generate awareness about your new blog is to write at least a few posts for other blogs that are relevant to your industry.


While this is a technique you can continue utilizing for as long as you want, it’s especially important when you first launch your blog. What’s really great is that not only will hosting guest posters generate awareness about your blog, but it will also give you access to new audiences that are interested in your writing and business.



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