Why should you have a blog?

A creative way of increasing your website visibility is by creating a blog. Apart from that, you must consider a few other things about maintaining your blog. First, blogging can help you to builds inbound links for your website. It can be a very effective way of creating inbound links. You could easily achieve this by producing high quality content your customers and web visitors would like to read. 


The second important reason you must consider creating blogs for your website is to generate leads. It can create trust for your business when visitors see that you are expert in your field. You should bear in mind that more blogging does not equal better blogging. Even if you issue blogs, make sure the quality is there. Write blogs that you are proud of.


Thirdly, maintaining a blog can increases your website search engine ranking. Even if search engines do not frequently visit your blog, you should not delete quality posts. Maybe you could rewrite them… Indexed blogs that are not visited often won’t hurt your website. If the article is uniquely written and you put some effort into it, it is worth to keep. I do not advise deleting any blogs, unless they are low quality or duplicated indexed blogs.


Every webmaster needs reputation and credibility online. The surefire way to achieve this is by blogging. You achieve a lot for your website through your blog. You pass a lot of useful information to your visitors through them. It boosts your credibility. It is possible that many web visitors would bookmark your website for further visit. You enhance your reputation and credibility by frequent interaction. The engagement and commenting is the single most important metric to the health and vitality of any particular blog, but it is not the only reason you should be blogging.


As for comments, I say do not worry about it. If you are blogging, the right way and you are putting out content you are proud of, and then keep it up. Link it to your Google Authorship, post on your own social media networks, and keep doing it. 


Blogging is hard. It really is. The issue with most companies is that they do not understand how blogging is supposed to work. They have to let go. Give the writers more freedom and option for creativity. Hire people who know how to blog and let them run with it. The only voice that matters is the interesting voice and let us face it, a business entity is never interesting – but the people working for them could be.


Do not expect quick results from your blogs. Blogging might take time to catch on. Follow all of the key points of engagement like killing spam, responding to every comment and encouraging discussion. I advise to all my clients to have a blog on their website. It is a great way to promote your website and your business.



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