Optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) listing is one of the top SEO strategies you can use for your website. Your GMB listing can help with local searches and improve connections with online contacts. Google takes the My Business program seriously and this is evident in the many features they have added over the years. They work to make the listings more robust and allowing clients to add more information to potential customers.

The GMB Post is one of these features. These posts show up in a Knowledge Panel at the forefront of the website when a customer searches for a particular business. When the Post is clicked open, the customer now sees an ad-like box that is appealing and will grab the customer’s attention. The Post can include an image or a URL and has a limit of about 300 words. There are important things to keep in mind when creating these GMB listings.

  • Stick with 80-100 words per Post. Not all of the 300 characters you can use will be visible, and the number of characters displayed will vary according to the device being used.
  • Following SEO best practices will put keywords and the most important message towards the front of the Post.
  • The best image size to use is 750 x 750. Make sure the image is centered so it looks good if it gets cropped. Images smaller than 250 x 250 will not be accepted.
  • Be sure to preview the post before publishing and if it is not right, try using a 400 x 300 image.
  • If there is text on the image, remember that the text may get cut off on mobile devices. Always try and choose an image with no text on it.
  • Remember, a Post is your opportunity to talk with your customers directly, so make sure you use a conversational tone in the copy to reach them more effectively.
  • Make sure the landing page you send visitors to matches your Post content and will meet a visitor’s expectations.

Types of GMB Posts

Google My Business Posts can promote deals or events as well as draw attention to a website. To make your Posts more versatile there are a number of different types of posts you can create. You can generate Posts to book an appointment, order online, sign up, get a special offer, advertise an event, but an item or service, or just to learn more about your business.

If you are selling something: You also want to make sure you have a separate page on the website featuring a product if you are selling it. Store information should be on the same page so it is easy to find contact information.

For booking appointments: Link your scheduling page to the “Book” button so your phone number is easy to get.

For special offers: Link a coupon or sale promotion page to the “Get Offer” button to take customers directly to any deals you currently offer.

How to Use Google Posts to Get Attention

When looking for your business online, the knowledge panel takes up a lot of space in the search results. You need to take advantage of this by grabbing the customer’s attention right away. Don’t waste characters with hashtags and keyword stuffing because that will not help and it looks spammy. Also, make sure you feature something of value to get the best results.

Content Matters

Content can be the most challenging part of a post. There are a few tips you can employ to help get creativity flowing so your content will grab the attention of potential viewers.

  • Give a quick summary of your latest blog post and link to it.
  • Mention upcoming events you will be featured at
  • Feature one of your favorite employees
  • Promote what’s going on in your local area.
  • Share business and industry news
    Advertise job opportunities
  • Show your support and try and get contributions for the charity
  • Post location-specific information, like changes to your business hours, emergency closures, etc.
  • Promote a contest or give-away

You GMB Posts should be real and relaxed with friendly content. You want to generate authentic interest and engagement opportunities with potential customers. Adding a personal touch to your Posts also helps to attract customers. When people can associate a human face with a company, they are more likely to do business with them. Reaching to customers on a personal level builds relationships and loyalty. Brand loyalty will generate more new customers.

Improve SEO

Your search engine results are always important. Any component of your website, including GMB Posts, can impact search engine result ranking. People generally only visit a website if something catches their eye. Posts are a great way to do this and can help you identify what works to attract attention.

Once this is established you can create effective backlinks which will draw in more customers. For this to be successful, you also need to have relevant and high-quality content. To boost SEO, you also need to present a clear picture to Google so you will be selected for search results. If you are not taking advantage of the Posts feature you are missing a valuable opportunity for Google to help advertise you.

Enhanced Agility

Using Google Posts helps you to change the face you present to the world with better agility. When anyone searches for your business, they will always see the newest Post and that is powerful. You can also identify external factors that mark changes in trends within the industry. You can use this data to change your marketing approaches and not many mediums provide the agility to do this the way Google Posts can.

Diversity Marketing Mediums

The more mediums you use, the more successful you will be at reaching people and the better you can provide a coherent and consistent brand. Posts offer the customer a place to see what is new and give you the opportunity to deliver your content and message in different ways. Using different platforms reaches your audience through search engines and social media. Being versatile and providing a memorable message gains attention and sticks with people.

Break Down Barriers

Google Posts should be designed so customers want to take immediate action. When delivered correctly, a post will make a person act without running into any problems along the way. If done efficiently enough, customers will act on your Posts before even checking what the competition has to offer. Make it possible for customers to reach you across multiple forms of contact such as email, web, phone, etc. You don’t want them to miss you and move on to your competition.

You can post pictures as well as text, so be sure to mix it up and offer something new on a regular basis. The purpose of Posts is to grab attention, so you want to be clear and friendly. Make sure your text is to the point and any images are eye-catching. With an effectively designed GMB Post, customers will come to your site and stay. In conjunction with effective SEO strategies, you can develop a successful website for both search engines and customers. I have the right team to help you achieve this and will maximize high-value lead generation through your web presence.

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