Websites have been regarded as the best selling tool for any business. However, your website should represent you. This means that potential customers should look at it and see the type of a person you are even the wealthy ones. Here is what your website needs to have to be a marketing tool.

  1. Credibility

When dealing with wealthy customers, it is important to note that credibility is a virtue everyone considers. You can be credible by using recognizable logos from trade associations or media appearances.

  1. Personality

All a customer needs from you is the feeling of being safe. They need you to always provide the best answers. You can win that trust by adding personality. This includes adding videos, photos and quality content in your writing.

  1. Stay in touch

Since there are other competitors in the market, you need to know how to capture your customers and keep them. You can do that by opening up your funnel for leads and staying in touch after their visits.

  1. Testimonials

Being approved by the society makes you look credible to the public. Other than the texts customers post about you, consider including the person’s photo or video to show more proof.

  1. Targeted meta data

This entails knowing your keywords and putting them into your meta data. This is what search engines look for when they rank a website.

  1. WordPress

Search engines can easily spider and index a website that is on WordPress. You can also enhance different aspects of your website to suit the needs of your customers with WordPress.

  1. CTA (call to action)

As before mentioned, quality content in your writing promotes your personality. However, if it has no action then it’s as good as dead. Your home page should lead people to an internal page that has answers to their questions.

  1. Social media icons

Consumers may want to know more about your business. Some will go to an extend of visiting your Facebook page. Using social icons will just work perfect in ensuring you interact with your customers on social media.

  1. Social bookmarking icons and RSS feeds

RSS feeds informs your consumers about every new development in your business. On the other hand, users can also save links to web pages they like thanks to social bookmarking.

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