What is Pinterest?

It is an online social networking platform that allows users to register, upload, save and manages images which are known as pins. The collections of various images and other media content are displayed in what is known as a pinboard.

The online platform also allows individuals to be able to share someone else content which is referred to as repin. The platform also allows users to save other people’s content through what is called pin it.

Who is it for?

For fashion and creative business

Fashion designers creatively make new products ranging from top of the range handbags to shoes to dresses. Majority over the years have relied on opening stores in exclusive areas where they get to sell to the top cream of the society.

Over the years due to economic collapse in various countries, businesses have tried to look for different ways to attract more customers to their products. Social networking sites such as Pinterest have come at an opportune time and offered businesses an alternative way to reach the millions and millions of customers spread around the world.

Fashion designers and stores can create a pin board where they can get to pin the latest products they have.

For promotion

Companies looking to promote sweepstakes and other promotions can get to do so on Pinterest by pining and repining content with the purpose of reaching more users. Promotions are good since they can increase the number of followers who are currently following your products or services.

A reward can also be offered in the promotion such that when an individual follows, they can be given a reward. To ensure that the promotion works well for you, there are factors you need to consider namely:

  1. Time of the year – this means that you need to promote your product meant for a particular season during that season for example if you are selling winter clothes, it is advisable to promote them prior to or during winter.
  2. What content do users love? This is important as it will help you to determine how your campaign will go.

For companies with an interesting story to tell

Images and videos can be used to create success stories about satisfied and happy customers. Companies have embraced Pinterest because of its ease in allowing both the company and its customers to leave reviews and testimonials.

It is important to know that third party recommendations can go a long way in building trust.

How to attract customers through Pinterest?

Pin images and videos

Images and videos are powerful media content and when used right, can increase the number of customers a business has. Videos can be made into tutorials and webinars therefore providing information about various products and services on offer by a certain company.

The best thing about using videos is that they can go viral which means more viewers who in turn can be converted into customers.

Link Pinterest with other social networks

Social networks over the years have been able to amass users numbering to millions and billions. The numbers have even increased when the social networks through APIs have enabled cross platform content sharing.

Linking your Pinterest with Facebook or other social networks will enable your fans and followers from other social networks to follow your pins.

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