There are many free and paid tools that help you determine how your website ranks and make it better.


With Pear Analytics, you will get a great report what is going on your website from your H1 titles to Meta Tags and inbound link counts.


I advise everyone to add Google Analytics to their website. It will show you important data about your website’s traffic.


Google has another great tool for webmasters, the Google Webmaster Tools. You can see how your page is and even submit a sitemap to google to see all your pages.


Website Optimization will give you a clearer picture of your website’s speed. The speed is an important factor of your SEO.


A great but, unfortunately not free tool is the MOZ . They offer a free trial and then it is $99/Mo. Will help you increase your traffic and put you high on search engines.


And another paid amazing tool is IBP. It’s $250, but it will be a well spent $250.

If you have any other great tools tell me about it, so I can add them here.


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