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Analytics And Reporting

Starting and running an online business is a great thing. However, many business owners and internet marketers fail online because they don’t monitor and keep track of their visitors. It is important to know where the visitors are coming from. How do they find your site? How they respond to your site? Without keeping track of all these things, you can’t expect to make a successful online venture. So, how to achieve this? Web analytics or Google analytics offered by an expert can be very useful in monitoring and keeping track of your website. Based on the performance of your site, necessary amendments can be made to improve the page rank of your site and attract more visitors. Web analytics services offered by me include the following.

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Installing Usability Tool on Website

Installing usability tool on your website is very important and plays a vital role in attracting more visitors. By allowing your visitors to find what they are searching for on your site, information about your company’s products or offerings etc, you gain loyal visitors who may be encouraged to subscribe to your opt in emails.


Monthly Website Conversions Tracking

Tracking website conversions gives details about total number of visitors to your site as well as the number of people buying the product in a particular month. Based on this report, I may recommend necessary changes in your products and marketing campaigns to increase the conversion rate.


Updating Pages for Local Search

Local search accounts for more than 60 percent of sale and no business will ever dare to lose these customers. In order to keep local visitors coming to your site, it is necessary to update pages for local search. An expert optimizes your site so that the latest information and add-ons on your site are updated for local search.


Link Development

The link development tracking tool let you know from where the visitors are being directed to your site – whether you are getting conversions and sales from PPC campaigns or organic search results or other sources .This is very useful to check the effectiveness of link building campaigns, and you can make amendments in your campaigns for betterment.


Google Analytics (Statistics)

Google analytics enables website owners to find out where the visitors are coming from – the geographical location of online visitors, the time of their visits, their behavior regarding your site, the keywords used for visiting your site etc. In short, Google analytics monitors and evaluates your online campaign.


Current Performance

Current performance allows you to know the current success of your site with respect to visitors and search engines. The current performance can be compared with previous performance to find out whether your site has improved for visitors and search engines. On the basis of this report, I will optimize your site to make it more SEO friendly.


Monthly SEO Report

In order to evaluate the strength and performance of your online campaigns, monthly SEO report is an absolute necessity. A thorough analysis of the SEO report allows you to know how your strategies and campaigns are making a difference. The weaknesses of your campaigns can be improved to increase the page rank of your site to drive more customers.

Thus, web analytics is a very important tool for web owners to track the performance of their site so that changes can be made for betterment. All these can’t be attained without the help of a professional SEO expert. Internet marketers and business owners who don’t hire expert SEO services are actually shutting their doors to online customers.