All About Advertising On Amazon

Google isn’t the only horse in the race when it comes to pay per click advertising. While Google was one of the first companies to catch onto this amazing earning opportunity, it isn’t the only major internet company to offer pay per click advertising. Amazon has caught onto this very lucrative money generating opportunity. Now online marketers have the option of utilizing Amazon Product Ads to turn clicks into real profits.


Amazon has a huge inventory of thousands upon thousands of products that will fit just about any niche. This means that millions of people every day are coming to Amazon to do their shopping. By signing up for Amazon Product Ads you can drive traffic to your site directly from This is great for those of you who are webmasters or blog owners that are selling products or services. Can you just imagine the traffic you will generate by utilizing this clever setup? The opportunities are truly endless.


One of the best things about Amazon’s pay per click opportunity is that it’s giving away $75 in free pay per click money. This means that you can get started right away using this amazing deal! This is the perfect chance to try the program out for free and see how much traffic it actually brings your website.

An even better deal is if you sign up as an Amazon Associate; which is Amazon’s version of an affiliate.

Once you’re an associate for every advertiser you send to Amazon that signs up for the pay per click campaign you will receive $5. On top of that you will get $150 additional advertising dollars that you can use to run your very own pay per click campaign or whatever you choose. But remember the advertiser has to have their first active click within 30 days, in order for you to get the additional $150.


Ok, so we know about Amazon Product Ads but what about Amazon Marketplace?


Both of these programs are great ways to generate online income. But what are the differences between these two great Amazon products? As we all know Amazon Product Ads is a pay per click program that allows advertiser the chance to drive traffic directly from Amazon back to their site. But what is Marketplace?


In Amazon Marketplace you are an actual seller on the Amazon platform. As a seller you will be paying a fee to the company for being able to do business on their website. This is a great opportunity for wholesalers and manufacturers to break into the world of Amazon. For those looking for even more opportunity they can take part in Amazon’s fulfillment program. This program allows sellers to act as a third party providing the product for Amazon. The buyer receives the item with Amazon’s name on the package and never knows where it actually originated from. This is a great way to get your product in on the market and you will have the power of Amazon brand name behind your products.


No matter which program you choose to use both of these Amazon services can benefit you. Whether you are a webmaster trying to boost sales or you are a wholesaler looking to capitalize on Amazon’s powerful brand, these services can help you make more money. So take the time to dive deeper into these amazing services to see which one is right for you. 



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