The Close Variant Keyword Matching Method

If you have used Google Adwords for a long time, you know that Google Adwords used to be different. The search parameters used to be such that the exact match terms were required. Close variant keyword matching is the new standard. Keywords can trigger for abbreviations, misspellings, accents, acronyms, singular and plural forms, stemming, and many other variations on the previously specified keywords.

Reflecting the Way People Use Search Engines

You might worry about whether this change has had a huge impact on your marketing efforts. For the majority of Google Adwords users, it really was not the huge change that a lot people feared that it was. For one thing, the close variant keyword matching method better reflects the way users actually access search terms in the first place. Lots of people don’t bother to make sure that they have spelled words correctly. They don’t care about whether they have pluralized something and they don’t see the point in making sure that they spell out their abbreviations.

You’ll probably get more customers thanks to the new close variant keyword matching method, since a lot of people search for things in this way. Under the old system, you never would have been able to reach certain customers just because they failed to type the exact search term that you specified.

Getting Surprise Customers

Of course, it only takes one letter or so to completely change the meaning of a word. Thanks to the close variant method, you will probably end up getting a lot of people who aren’t really viable potential customers. They were just searching for something that is similar to what you’re selling in terms of the spelling but is different enough that they are not going to have any interest whatsoever in the ad.

Of course, if a person is searching for ‘dog food,’ for instance, and you are advertising something related to dogs, they might still be interested. This new method does allow you to attract customers who might be interested in the category of things that you are trying to sell as opposed to just the exact thing that you are trying to sell. People also might still respond to an ad even if they were not specifically searching for something related to the ad at the time. Most advertising throughout the twentieth century worked that way, with people getting ads for things on television that had little to do with the shows. This new system can work in that way.

Getting the Right Keywords

With the exact match term system, people who failed to make sure that they had chosen the perfect target keywords would often lose out on a lot of customers as a result. This is less likely to happen with the current system. In all likelihood, people will get the attention of the customers that they want, even if they also get the attention of people who will not be interested. Getting a broader swath of the population will probably ultimately work out better for you, even if you have lost the specificity that you once had.

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