Be Careful With Guest Posts


I love guest blogging. Guest blogging helped me to get higher on search engines with related terms. I am constantly on guest blogging sites looking for places to post my articles. I also accept guest blogs if they are related to my website. I always check where the link goes to, never accept spammy looking links.



So what happened was that I started getting PING BACK requests. Many of them! All from different low quality websites linking to the same exact page on my website. The page was a blog page, it was a guest post. After investigating I found out that someone is creating a link wheel (probably the guest author).


ping back requests


This article was published on many different low quality websites, all pointing to The author names of course are all made up.



ping back article


This is where the articles pointed to. The article was a guest article, linking to a Fire Protection website:

our guest article



The problem is that we are getting numerous links from low quality websites. All the links are in the same duplicated article. All pointing to the same webpage. With the era of the Penguin update this can’t be good!



What I did was removed the page for a few days then put it back with removing only the links. If they contact me why the article has no links, I will tell them. So far, I haven’t heard from them. Now I know; before accepting any guest posts I will make sure that they are not planning to build a link wheel and use my website for it.



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