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A Bit About Me

Igrew up in Budapest, Hungary and came over to live in the U.S. in 2000. Currently I live in L.A.

I got into internet marketing in 2008 and was working with various clients to help them achieve a better internet presence. Later, I started designing websites professionally for clients using WordPress, Magento and custom designs – keeping search engines in mind.

I have a proven track record of using SEO and Internet Marketing where I managed to appear ahead of the competition with many keywords. I have been running 30k+ Pay Per Click campaigns. I have great analytical and project management skills. I can create videos, flyers, landing pages, business cards and manage internet marketing teams. My goal is not quantity, but in the quality of each project, I create. I aim to give the proper amount of personal attention to every client to continue building long-term relationships.


There are bad investments and there are good investments. Hiring an internet marketing expert is a good investment. Unless you are willing to learn the in and outs of marketing your business online, you cannot afford not to hire one!

Just think of this; we search, research and make buying decisions online each day. We are connected 24/7. If you have a business, a good online presence is paramount. Without a specialist, you will be lost among the millions of websites and your competition – with great internet marketing – will get the business.

What Do I Do?

Some business owners prefers to be involved in their internet marketing efforts but some prefers to just have a consultant to take care of everything. This is where I come in.

I am an experienced SEO and internet marketing consultant and have a reliable team of developers, copy writers I work with to deliver your website visitors the best online experience. My specific focus is small and medium sized businesses. We can redesign your website with the visitors, also the search engines in mind and work on it each month to generate leads or sales.

The fact is that companies place their websites online and simply wait for the traffic to arrive. However, there is much more to that process. Competition is extremely heavy on the Internet. More and more companies are taking their presence online. Therefore, every company requires an edge to drive more traffic to their website and beat the competition. I will make that possible with my innovative ideas.

WHICH ONE IS BETTER? – Paid Ads? Social Media? To Create A Website or to Hire A Consultant?

The fact is that if you are not on the first page of the search results, you are going to lose traffic to the competition. Certainly, a higher ranking with the top search engines will result in more traffic and potentially more sales for your website. But, what to do first?

It takes a while to generate a steady lead flow or sales. This is my priority list:

  1. Having a website that you will have full control over is basic. You need this first! This website needs to be mobile, visitor and search engine friendly, easy to navigate with clear menus. Pages, images need to be optimized. It needs clear Call To Action, forms or clickable phone numbers.
  2. If you have budget for paid ads then that would be the next step to start getting traffic fast to your website. Most small businesses however don’t want to spend until they see traffic organically. It’s ok either way. Having paid campaigns just keep you busy while you are waiting for the SEO to really kick in.
  3. Make sure you are on the maps like Google map. Create profiles with images and good description.
  4. Setting up major directory listings like Yelp, Angies List, Houzz etc. is also very important, however I don’t recommend paying for ads unless you have lots of money to burn. Running ads on this platforms will bring you low quality leads for your money and as soon as you stop running ads, it will stop. Running ads on these platforms are good when you are already busy but want to grow.
  5. Setting up Social Media Profiles and start posting. You don’t have to go crazy with this. Do Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Your new pages and blog post can be added to these profiles or if you find anything relevant. Also set up a G+ profile.
  6. Quality link building: links from other websites are very important. This is a continuous process and needs to be done monthly.
  7. Blogs and new content. This is also a continuous process and needs to be done to keep the website fresh and create more trust and add quality
  8. Basic maintenance: updating plugins, or creating back-ups, checking broken links, fixing issues will keep your website up to date and more secure. If you don’t do this, you will risk to get hacked or things stop working suddenly. This should be a monthly process.
  9. Generating reviews, business reputation is also part of the process which we should be working on together all the time. With your help I could add project pages, images, videos to your website.

Clearly, a website requires the services of a professional SEO consultant to beat out the competition online.  I do all above and more to get your website on the front pages of the search engines. I will boost your rankings and your profile online. I guarantee. Give me a try!

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