The Internet can be described as a worldwide marketplace for businesses all over the world to conduct a wide diversity of services, while also selling different products. While this market can be entered into by virtually anyone who has a need, some will do much better in sales than others. In specific, is a true success story that people should pay very close attention to. With this said, here’s 9 reasons why Amazon is so successful.

Reason #1 – Set Long Term Goals instead of Speedy Payout

Amazon is a well recognized name on the Internet because it has been around for a very long time. The reason for their longevity was the timeline that was strategically developed from its initial start-up. While many new online entrepreneurs were setting their marks for a speedy payout, Amazon was setting its eyes on the prize of winning a long-term race that has brought them great success.

Reason #2 – Excellent Customer Service

Another reason why Amazon has performed so well over-time lies in the type of customer service that they are committed to providing. Going above and beyond wins loyal customers for life. For instance, if a product has to be returned because the customer is not satisfied, the customer may be offered same day return service that allows them to get the replacement the next day, while they return the bad product for shipment via another convenient shipment form.

Reason #3 – Global Resources Available

In addition to providing superior customer support to their customers, Amazon has global resources that span around the world. Which means, they are already equipped to handle large volumes from a wide diversity of resources including having access to 80 enormous warehouses and fulfillment centers.

Reason #4 – Efficient Tracking System

Handling large volumes in an efficient and expeditous manner is also one of the essential keys to Amazon’s success. To handle the volume that they receive on a regular basis, each facility has access to barcode technology so that the packages shipped can be tracked in virtually any place.

Reason #5 – Chaotic Storage Technology

To store these large volumes of products, it is also important for the manufacturer to have access to an efficient storage and retrieval system. Even though there are many different types available in the industry each business will need to take advantage of the best one that will suit their needs. In order to accomplish this goal, Amazon has invested in a chaotic storage system that will not only assist them in storing larger volumes of clothing and etc., but will also save space because products are stored randomly, and they can still be easily retrieved when the actual need arises.

Reason #6 – Page Speed

With the target audience being online, Amazon has a huge customer base that can order virtually any item at any time from any place. Since the volume is so high for looking around and ordering, it is important that there is no extra lag time in the customer generating an order online, So, one of the keys to success in this area is super high page speed time,

Reason # 7 – Customers Enjoy a Personalized Shopping Experience

Shopping around online can be challenging and time consuming. Though this may be true, Amazon has already seen the future of shopping and has responded accordingly. Therefore, each user can take advantage of numerous personalized benefits such as viewing items that really need since the system pulls information about their previous searches.

Reason #8 – Consumer Reviews

Because online shopping is a different experience, people need more information prior to making a purchase. This is also why Amazon does so well. Especially, because the customer can view what the customer is saying (positive and negative) about the product prior to making a decision,

Reason #9 – User-Friendly Features – Makes Online Shopping a Breeze

Another reason why Amazon stays on the top of the list is because of its user-friendly features. These features are designed to make shopping a breeze.


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